An Apology and An Explanation

So I haven’t written anything in a long while. Social Media has been bereft of my presence far too long, and I want to fix that. The reason is simply that I have been taking up most of my time with writing. Writing, writing, writing! I’m trying to finish the second draft of Dark Soldier before the end of July. That’s quite a feat. But I’m keeping myself back by one problem.

Publishing anxiety.

Now it’s not to say I don’t love the characters. I find them fun and organic, witty and human. I don’t mind showing the book to an editor. I don’t even mind sending out bits of scenes to the general public. But the whole book? That feels… odd… to say the least. The fact is that once something’s out there, it is out there to stay. So I have been perfecting it to the best of my ability. I know that I’ll have someone editing before it’s published. And yet, I worry about it a great deal. I’m taking a risk, and as with all risks, there are second thoughts. These are mine.

Perhaps I shouldn’t put my worries out there on the internet, yet here we are.

In a concluding thought, I am considering changing the name of the book. It is currently “Dark Soldier”. My other name plan is “Monsters Within”. Thoughts?

8 thoughts on “An Apology and An Explanation

  1. Very different feel to the two titles. Dark Soldier sound like an adventure with a brooding hero, Monsters Within doesn’t really paint a picture of a story so much as the inner conflict of the character. But – that’s just me and totally base on the titles not anything else you’ve said about the book.

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  2. Monsters Within suggests a story where the struggle is largely internal, and as a title has a feel more like a horror novel of some sort, or an adult contemporary novel about mental illness. Now this is an interesting concept for fantasy. However, in terms of marketing etc… (which means I’m standing back as a reader looking for a good sword/sorcery fantasy – visualizing both titles on the shelf), I’d pick up Dark Soldier to learn more, might not pick up the other. You could adjust the title to be something like Dark Soldier of (whatever his country is). I think your current title or some minor adjustment of it would be representative of either way you end up going. If you really want to figure your book out, I recommend you try writing the elevator pitch (if you’ve done this, revisit it). Assume you’ve got 1-5 sentences to describe your book and sell it. I’ve been working on one for almost two months on and off, and more than anything it forces you to distill the work into single ideas and work out the struggle. Should it be largely internal or external. Of course, it can be both, and in a big way. I don’t know the back-story of the MC, but perhaps he has some awful internal struggle. Then, he is driven on an adventure. When the adventure is going well, the internal struggle will work to bring him down. When the adventure is a problem, perhaps that’s where he shines? I don’t know. I’m not really sure that was a suggestion or a long winded ramble. Good luck with it anyhow! (also I really like my suggestion Dark Soldier of …. not saying you should do something like that, but it would be awesome if you did, give the title some real flavor.)

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    1. His town’s name is rather long, so I doubt it would work. xD It’s call Asynthandt. It definitely gives the title its flavor, but it’s a mouthful.
      And to answer your question, Malkeon most certainly has an intense internal struggle, which is a key factor of the book’s plot. I have done the elevator pitch, which is what brought me to “Monster Within”. But I can see where people would be confused with the title, and agree that Dark Soldier is better in the end.

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  3. I think it should remain ‘Dark Soldier’ too. Because (honestly?) it sounds cooler.
    ‘Monsters Within’ does signify the internal struggle of the protagonist, it’s true, but that’s not what came to mind immediately. When I saw it, I was like, “No! ‘Dark Soldier’ is way better.” And this is partially because I’m bombarded with similar-sounding books that are tailored for empty-headed teenage girls, and which are thinly-veiled, sloppy romances with half-baked plots. (I’m a teenage girl, but I like to think I’m not empty-headed.)
    Which is why I advocate ‘Dark Soldier’. It manages to convey all the steampunk-plus-fantasy awesomeness (or that’s maybe because I know about it). And it conveys the protagonist’s ‘darkness’ enough, too, when you think about it. And I would abhor it if your book was ignored because of its title.
    Finally up to you, of course, but this is my rant. Cheers 🙂

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