I Need A Scotsman (or woman)

I need help. Again.

I realize that I have a character in the book I’m writing who’s speech is based off a Scottish accent. The idea of this was to show he’s not from the same country as the main characters. I can’t just make up my own accent either. I’m just not creative. Also, I write his speech differently than I write the normal speaker’s in the book. I base it off of the Scottish accents I’ve heard in movies like Braveheart and such. If I was writing for an American audience only, that might be fine. Here’s the problem – I’m not. I’d like for people outside the U.S. to see the book. So if this book happens to hit a Scottish audience… it may come off as farcical. I don’t want that! The entire McKenzie Clan (part of my heritage) would join arms and start burning the books! Maybe they wouldn’t be so mean.

So I need a Scottish person. I need you to check out the lines and see if it’s at least pretty close. Them also being a writer would be preferred. Here’s my email: officialgabrielpenn@gmail.com.

And for those who aren’t Scottish… is it a good idea to have people with different accents in your story? Better yet, is it right to write their dialogue differently, especially if they’re a main character? Let me know.

If you are a Scottish person and you are questioning whether you should help, let your patriotism guide you.

I’d say ‘MERICA, but this is for Scotland. So, “FREEDOOOM!”

Be Proud of Your Heritage!

I think that most white Americans tend to naturally think of an immigrant as someone who either speaks a different language than them or has a different color. But that, alas, is not the case! My mother, in fact, only recently got her American citizenship after living in Canada all of her life up until age 23, and her family, only recently before coming to Canada (my great-grandparents being the first to come over) were Highland Scottish! To this day, my auntie still remembers an old Scottish saying, which some might recognize:
“Here’s tae us; wha’s like us? D*** few, and they’re a’ deid!”

Describes our family excellently.

So of course, I am quite fond of my Scottish (and Canadian) family heritage! I would be just as proud of my German side (my father’s family) if I knew them better. I like to think that I am connected to William Wallace somewhere in there, but it’s probably not the case. I do know, however, someone who is, and we happen to get along quite nicely.

A fun little family story for you. It turns out that the English and Scottish side of the MacKenzie clan just do not get along. My aunt never quite got around to explaining it, but from what I’m reading on Wiki (which may not be the best source of info) it is implied that after being an english POW during a dark age war, one of my ancestors joined the English side and the family tree has not been the same since. Fun story, but those sorts of things don’t go over well for families.

Still, I personally have nothing against the English. English people made Doctor Who and Sherlock, so clearly they’re pretty awesome too. In fact, my first girlfriend was English and she was totally awesome.

In further fact, although being part Scottish, I do not follow the stereotypical tendencies of my people to hate every other country. I still love my German side, even though Hitler came from there. I still love Ireland, mainly because I don’t know anything terrible that happened in Ireland but even if they have it doesn’t matter. Why? Because regardless of what a country has done in the past, their future self as a country is not responsible. They are different people. This same concept works with relationships. Perhaps if we saw that more often, this world would be a lot less chaotic.

In closing, I always put something from my novel, so here’s something slightly related. This sword’s design is loosely based off of a Scottish claymore, and so I give you: the Leviathan Killer.

Leviathan Killer Stats
Total Length: 65 in
Blade Length: 50 in
Description: Golden-scaled hilt with red gem in pommel and dragon claws as cross-guards. Triangular blade.
Abilities: Legend has it that it is the only sword capable of killing a leviathan, a massive sea monster unable to be found by being searched for.
Crafter: World’s first dragonslayer