Spring, Come Quickly

The reason for this blog is really one giant bunny trail that started from discussions on the book and eventually came to this thought. So this entire blog is completely devoted to the journey of thought that only took about two minutes in actuality.

It all started out with me and a fellow author discussing our work. His draft that he is working on, “Blood Crystal”, is set in a alternate Earth, in which humans gain gems that grant magical abilities to those who possess them. There are also alternate races for humans which appear, for which I was helping him flesh out the characteristics.

But while I was helping him create realistic versions of these subhuman races, I discussed with him my own races in the upcoming Dark Soldier novel. We discussed the gnomes of my series, whom I have as of yet not sculpted into perfection yet. I haven’t even gotten a surefire look for them. So we discussed, and it came down to him saying something along the lines of “How would nature do it?” And so we began looking into underground creatures. One that we settled upon was a mole, and so decided to mix some mole characteristics with human and elves and make the gnomes. It’s a large process and we’re not totally done.

This is why you should always be friends with writers if you are one yourself.

But when he first suggested it, I was like, “Mole people? Like, what kind of mole people are we talking about? Like Mole from Beatrix Potter or Mr. Mole from Wind in the Willows?” And of course he said, “No, just some characteristics.” But I still thought it might be good to look at both of them for some ideas. After all, they are slightly humanoid in nature, so it would give me an idea as to how these gnomes would stand. And indeed, I found what I was looking for, and much more.

I found out that my childhood book series was indeed once a television series. Yes, Wind in the Willows. While many of you may have been aware of this, it was a shock to me. But while looking at images, I saw something I have not seen for some time.


Grass, and rabbits, and non-frozen water rushing down a stream. And the sun! Oh, I have missed the sun actually being warm! As I cannot ski or snowboard this winter, I rue the day I heard eight more weeks of winter to be predicted. Not that a groundhog is that great at predicting these things. Spring is perhaps one of the most pleasant of seasons, regardless the of dirty snow. It hit the lowest temperature it has ever been in Virginia (which, honestly, doesn’t have anything on New York.)

Who else can’t wait for some sun?

Spring, come quickly!