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@i-am-youtubing r u ever going to let me read those stories your wrote? Btw I think I finally am writing something good. I write a paragraph a day and it doesn’t sound like a shitty fanfic anymore 😀

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We should do story time where you tell me stories either about yourself or your characters. So you can tell me a true story or you can tell me a story about one of your characters. Aka I’m bored and want entertaining stories. I’ll respond if stories of my own if that makes it more appealing.

Leesha has trust issues about being a shifter because when she was four she shifted for the first time in her sleep and her (human) dad found her. That caused a big fight between him and her mom because her dad didn’t really like cats very much and he thought her mom had gotten a new kitten without input from him. And then it came out that the mom was a felid shifter and so was Leesha. So Leesha knows for a fact that she caused her parents’ divorce. She should probably see a therapist, but instead she makes poor life decisions.

Ariana was sent away to train to be a supernatural creature hunter separately from her younger sister and she tried to run away half a dozen times to try to get back to her, but it never worked. After she got back and after her sister’s training she was never away from her sister for more than a week at a time.

Give me more stories!

Titania was born out of an affair between a human and a fairy. After finding out that her child looked different from all the rest, her mother continually attempted to find ways to keep her out of view of the general public. While outside tending goats, she honed her magical fairy abilities to a more manageable level. It seemed she would never really use them for any purpose other than protecting the herd. That was, until a wandering druid came to her house.

National Novel Writing Month



Otherwise known as NaNoWriMo.

What is it?

As some of you know, and others were able to guess, it’s an event that starts every November 1st here in Internet Land where you try to write a 50k novel in a month by setting up a daily word count goal. There’s a website for the event, which you can check out here. You can sign up on the site to participate, but it’s not a requirement.

I am actually participating this year in a sense. I’m going to be using the month to finish the current draft of my novel, but for those of you who are starting one fresh, it may seem like a tall order. So, to help you guys out, I’ve complied some links from this blog and from others in the community. If there’s a post you really like that I missed, let me know. There are likely a ton. These are just some of the ones I had bookmarked.

Slithering Ink Resources

Community Resources

Reblogging my NaNoWriMo post, as it’s almost that time of year again.


I Noticed You

I met you long ago, but you met me first. 

You were shy, and I didn’t notice. 

But quietly, you noticed me. 

You noticed

Sketches of worlds that had not been made,

Stories untold 

And places never to be trodden by human feet. 

And I didn’t notice. 

It took some time, but I would notice. 

I noticed you first when you spoke. 

I noticed you again when you laughed. 

I noticed you when you were passionate, 

When you were swept with intense fervor 

Like the ocean tides swaying under a full moon. 

I noticed.  

I notice you still, when you say silly phrases, 

Whispering strange nothings 

As we laugh under evening lamplight. 

I notice 

When you speak of lofty things, 

Things mankind was never meant to understand. 

But you try your best. 

I notice you. 

I see your deep gazes reflecting mine,

Pools of green 

Covering the pathways into your soul. 

I see you. 

I see your hands interlock with mine, 

Clasping hard,

So that maybe I won’t let go for a while.

I don’t. 

I see your quirks, 

 your hand gestures,     

  your beautiful smile,        

   your fantastic teasing.

I see you and I notice.

And every day I notice more.

I align myself to your patterns,

Walk beside your newly trod paths,

And pray with a madman’s hope

That I can continue walking them for a while.

     -Gabriel Penn


I’ll be smiling the night away

thinking of the stars in your eyes,

black-winged angel,

of tea and red sweatshirts and warm hands

and October evenings and interlaced fingers

paradox mine, how one can feel so

weightless but so grounded at the same time

for black-winged angel somehow brought me back to earth

and left me floating somewhere among the stars.

@blackwingedgabriel well yeah this happened im awkward goodbye

This has been the greatest poetry I have ever been given. Thank you.