Stayin’ Alive

I apologize for the lack of fantastic blogs and complete lack of podcasts this month. This is the second-to-last week before finals for my college, so the stress is getting to me a little bit. It’s very hard to be creative when you’re trying to save the entire semester. So I may not be doing as many blogs this next week, or any blogs this next week.

My illustrator and I are kind of in the same position, although she actually is getting more illustrations out. So you may be seeing a new one pretty soon. I’m pretty excited about that one. But, honestly, I’m more excited about the concept drawings for the different characters. I decided to give her only basic concepts of what the characters looked like so that I can see new faces for the characters instead of the ones I imagined. Not everybody sees the characters the exact same way, and that’s just fine. My reader doesn’t even have to agree with the illustration if they don’t like it. And that’s just fine. Everybody thinking the exact same thing is boring. I’m not a huge fan of boring.

But if you’re having a really hard day today, I’ve got something for you. It’s one of my favorite songs from an anime called Big O. Big O a lot of great songs in its soundtrack, but not all of them have a saxophone. Put some RainyMood in there as well, and you’re golden. Maybe it’s just me that needs RainyMood to hear this, but hey! Who knows? So chill down with some smooth jazz and let your worries pass you by.

For these next two minutes, don’t think about exams. Don’t think about work. Just chill. It’s an awesome thing to do from time to time. 🙂