I have a thought about ‘kill your darlings.’ There seems to be a general notion out there in the ether that the phrase means, ‘Hunt down every sentence or image you really love and cut it down like a pernicious weed.’  That, my dears, is bullshit.

In my opinion, what it really means is, ‘If you’re rewriting a whole scene just so that a paragraph or conversation you’re in love with will work, and it still kind of doesn’t, maybe it doesn’t really belong in this story and you should print it out and put it in a lovely, decorative folder labelled DARLINGS to read on those days when you hate every sentence you’re writing.’

Delia Sherman, American fantasy writer (via ellenkushner)


I imagine a world of invisible
things: the honey light that
surrounds you; or a dream in
which you silently recite poetry.
There’s a butterfly in your
slender hands becoming a wild
ocean, tendered only by your
calming voice. But the truth is
a million things we can’t even
name, a future ache; a past tense
glance. Inside of us (where a
shadow is buried) the daytime
stars remain, forever unseen.

— Invisible, Michelle Tudor