A New Story Arrives! Soon.

I have been spending more time on Tumblr than on here, but you guys deserve to know this as well. For Short Story Saturday is going to be skipped possibly again this week. A new story cometh. It will be a short horror called “The Machine”, based loosely off my favorite Tim Burton film of all time. And no, it’s not because my first viewing was with the girl I was dating at the time.

Ok, that may have been part of it.


Anyhow, look for it in this Writing contest linked here. I’ll post a link as soon as it arrives.

New Short Story!

My new short fantasy story “Little Folk” is officially up on Inkitt.com! I’m super excited to have it shown off. I only had a few friends to help edit, but we made it just in time for the thing! Excellence!

Anyway, please be a part of this awesome moment and check it out now at the link! It’s approximately ten pages in total, but a heckuva good time. While it’s totally kid-friendly, please check it out for yourself first, as there are some scary moments in it. You’re the parent, after all, and you decide what’s all right for your kids.

No matter what you do, check out the story and give it a rating! Thanks!