Happy Birthday to ME!!

So now you finally get to find out how young this dude actually is. It may not sound like it from all my Soundcloud stuff, but I’m actually 19. Even next to Christopher Paolini, that’s probably way too young to be almost ready to publish a book. But that’s all right, age is just a number.

This year’s going to be psycho for the book, speaking of which. It’s taking off in one of the darkest directions a book can go. It wasn’t really intended, but the very nature of the world makes it have to be dark. It don’t know if it can any longer be considered a teen fantasy, even. I’m not saying I’m necessarily proud of that. I’d intended this to be reaching a wider audience. The characters really took the story and ran with it, though. I can’t stop this thing, it’s like the boulder from Indiana Jones.

Basically either it gets published or I go insane with characters running through my skull demanding an audience. Luckily as an author, I can kill my own creation eventually. So here’s hoping it gets good enough to be published.

Anyway, four minutes till midnight, feels good to be almost two decades old! Sort of. 🙂