Thoughts on the Church Shooting in South Carolina

So, I just recently finished watching FOX News with my mother, and I saw some more information on the church shooting in South Carolina. I am angry. I had to just stop watching partway through because it was just bothering me so much. It caused me wonder a lot of things. Mainly, why we can be so judgmental over something as simple as skin color difference, to the point where we shoot each another over it? Let’s face it, this wasn’t a religiously based attack. This was a racially based attack of terrorism.

I wish we could live in a time where such things aren’t an issue. I constantly want to believe good things about people as a whole. I want to live in a time where we are, as Martin Luther King Jr. said, judged based on the content of our character and not on the color of our skin. I watch the news and I consistently see that’s not the case.

Let’s put some things in perspective. St. Augustine? Black. Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Also likely dark-skinned. Yet I don’t see anybody saying anything about their skin color when they talk about them. No. They talk about their sayings, their teachings, their life, their philosophies. I’m not seeing that we can’t notice the differences in color. Unless you’re completely blind or seriously colorblind that’s not going to happen. Hopefully, we can even celebrate the differences. God made humans as  beautiful creatures in every single pigment. When He made male and female and called it good, and He did not exclude future generations or diversities. He said it was good. End of sentence.

But just because you’re not religious like me does not give you have a right to be racist. Please, let’s realize that we’re all human. We are all one race. That’s why I don’t like referring to color differences as racial differences. You don’t hear about basset hounds that hate only chihuahuas. That’s mainly because they don’t speak, but that’s not the point. We’re all humans, and hating a human for any other reason than for them doing something terrible is wrong. If you find yourself doing otherwise, or someone else doing it, stop it! We may never get rid of racism, but we can start with fixing our own thoughts and actions.

For my final thoughts on this summarized in a better way than I could, please see a fellow blogger’s post linked hereIt’s an excellent conclusion.