Thar be Ghosts

Today’s blog is going to be quite a change. Instead of me chatting about the book or college life, we are going to go into…

The place all schizophrenics go to die of a panic attack.

And we get to talk paranormal experiences! For those easily frightened, you might just want to skip this particular blog. I don’t have any really endearing paranormal experiences, so it isn’t something you would put your kids to sleep by. But if interesting is what you’re looking for, I think you’ve found the right place.

So, time for a ghost story!

It started when I was but a child. I was just waking up, when I suddenly found myself… not up. In fact, I felt tied down, unable to move. The only thing working was my eyes. I stared up at the ceiling when I heard a voice to my left.

“Good morning.”

I decided to move my eyes in that direction. I thought it was my mom. Turns out, it was not my mom. It was some thing. The thing was pure black like a shadow. In fact, that’s the closest thing I can use to describe it. It was not much taller than the bed itself, and I saw no mouth, but just two beady red eyes staring at me.

“Hey, kid… got any… eyedrops?”

I no longer wanted to look left. So I closed my eyes and prayed for it to go away. Turns out the answer was a “no”. I opened my eyes and there was a bit more than beady eyes looking my way. It was a short little mouthless humanoid freak with spider-leg fingers. It clung to the ceiling as it stared down at me.

Go away.”

I decided to comply. It didn’t take much time to decide that one. I rushed out in a panic and didn’t tell anyone for years later, until I heard someone else mention something called shadow people. Since then, I’ve had quite the interest in the paranormal realm.

After that little episode, I began to take a second look at things around the house. What if books randomly flying off shelves wasn’t due to drafts that weren’t even originating from the same vicinity? What if it wasn’t just a coincidence that every child in my room seemed to have similar stories to mine, sometimes switching the look of the ghost in the room? What i What if those glimpses of a white cat that walked through the house occasionally wasn’t me being completely schizophrenic? (That last one might be going on a limb. Our cat has just died, after all.) Suddenly there were completely new possibilities, although they weren’t always correct. But it gave me an open mind, one never to be closed again.

So what are your paranormal experiences? Let me know!!