Jakk is Back.

The second comic of Jakk is finally arriving this Saturday. The characters… well… they look a bit different from the pilot comic. Here are some character reference pictures to show my point. Sorry for the low quality, but it’s the best I could do in the situation.


Kokkoro is Jakk’s best friend, a Japanese vampire. He was not seen in the pilot comic, but he will be a valuable friend to Jakk, always ready to help his buddy out of a jam. An umbrella will still be a key part of his character although it is not in this picture.


Jakk is the main character of the series. He is either a lot less disturbing or more disturbing to look at this time around, depending on what you thought of the previous look. He is neither alive nor dead, but instead walks the earth in an in-between state, unable to perish. To pass the time, he acts as a private eye for paranormal creatures. He has a large amount of powers, such as breathing fire and gaining six extra spider-like limbs.


The Librarian is a rather young ghost – only two hundred years old. Still, it is said she knows more information than any other being, living or dead, on the planet. Although she certainly knows quite a bit and is Jakk’s consistent go-to for information, her supposed omniscience cannot be proven.


Scythe is the newest creature to become death incarnate. After her mother retired, she became determined to find a way to allow Jakk’s soul to rest. Even with her and Jakk doing the best they can, she has been unsuccessful so far.


Valentine is the brother of the poltergeist Psycho. Heavily abused as a child, she eventually willingly became a siren, using her beautiful singing voice to save many children from abuse and “punish” the perpetrator. And by punishment, she means killing and occasionally eating them.


Psycho is the brother of the siren, Valentine. Unlike his sister, he has no interest in saving the abused. He was killed during a particularly abusive situation and became a ghost, a crazed poltergeist. He has no other intent than to terrify and kill his victims. Although he has many run-ins with her due to his psychopathic nature, he has no memory of who his sister is.

As you can see, they are far more stylized this time around. It’s honestly closer to what I originally wanted. I’ve decided to stick with the dark comedy route I originally planned, but it might not be as graphic as planned.

So stay tuned for Saturday! I have a new technique to translate from sketch to computer, so it should look awesome hopefully!

The Voice: A Short Horror Story

So basically I found a crazy old horror short of mine, the very first one. Turns out, I had an excellent jump into the horror genre, some bits of which you will see as having influenced the novel I’m working on, Dark Soldier. In Dark Soldier, however, it’s a lot different. The antagonist is manipulative and will get inside your psyche until you want to break, all the while running you through a rat maze. But this, this is very different. This is straight up good old-fashioned horror.

Thar be Ghosts

Today’s blog is going to be quite a change. Instead of me chatting about the book or college life, we are going to go into…

The place all schizophrenics go to die of a panic attack.

And we get to talk paranormal experiences! For those easily frightened, you might just want to skip this particular blog. I don’t have any really endearing paranormal experiences, so it isn’t something you would put your kids to sleep by. But if interesting is what you’re looking for, I think you’ve found the right place.

So, time for a ghost story!

It started when I was but a child. I was just waking up, when I suddenly found myself… not up. In fact, I felt tied down, unable to move. The only thing working was my eyes. I stared up at the ceiling when I heard a voice to my left.

“Good morning.”

I decided to move my eyes in that direction. I thought it was my mom. Turns out, it was not my mom. It was some thing. The thing was pure black like a shadow. In fact, that’s the closest thing I can use to describe it. It was not much taller than the bed itself, and I saw no mouth, but just two beady red eyes staring at me.

“Hey, kid… got any… eyedrops?”

I no longer wanted to look left. So I closed my eyes and prayed for it to go away. Turns out the answer was a “no”. I opened my eyes and there was a bit more than beady eyes looking my way. It was a short little mouthless humanoid freak with spider-leg fingers. It clung to the ceiling as it stared down at me.

Go away.”

I decided to comply. It didn’t take much time to decide that one. I rushed out in a panic and didn’t tell anyone for years later, until I heard someone else mention something called shadow people. Since then, I’ve had quite the interest in the paranormal realm.

After that little episode, I began to take a second look at things around the house. What if books randomly flying off shelves wasn’t due to drafts that weren’t even originating from the same vicinity? What if it wasn’t just a coincidence that every child in my room seemed to have similar stories to mine, sometimes switching the look of the ghost in the room? What i What if those glimpses of a white cat that walked through the house occasionally wasn’t me being completely schizophrenic? (That last one might be going on a limb. Our cat has just died, after all.) Suddenly there were completely new possibilities, although they weren’t always correct. But it gave me an open mind, one never to be closed again.

So what are your paranormal experiences? Let me know!!