Reaching The End

I finally rewrote the end of the novel for the second draft. In the end, it’s far closer to what I wanted than what I had originally. It actually feels like the end of a book this time. Is it emotional? Oh yes. Does it leave room for a second book? Definitely. Am I asking too many questions? Most certainly. Should I stop asking them? Ok, ok, fine.

Anyway, I’m much happier with the end product than I was before. I still have tons of stuff to edit. About 50-100 pages, to be precise. It’s actually far less than I’m making it out to be, but it’s a decent sum. 

In case y’all want a real emotional trip, here’s link to the song I listened to while writing the end. 

It’s a trip to Sad-Mart, where your greeters are Melancholy and Dismay.

It’s pretty sad.

In good news, I have recently arrived at school for my senior year at good old Liberty University! I have an excellent year in front of me, mainly because I never have to wake up before 9:30 for any reason whatsoever. I mean, I still do because they give me bacon if I come to breakfast, but I don’t have to. Technically.

This is the life of a Fine Arts student. 

In the meantime, I plan to raise awareness of the awesome Dark Veil Saga by creating the life size version of “Leviathan Killer” in some media besides metal. I don’t want to kill anyone by fake-stabbing them, which is the ultimate purpose of this endeavor.

I also now have an Instagram (sirgabrielpenn) so you should all follow me for cool book/writing/reading stuff! I’m super sorry about those awards and challenges I’ve missed recently, so now that I have so much time I’m going to try to get to some of them. “Try” is the key word. There’s a lot of them.

Expect a revamping of short stories and Faith Friday soon!!

Where Do We Go From Here?

Remember what I said this is pretty close to the end? I was right. But next semester brings a set of whole new challenges. But, thankfully, it could also mean that I get to do more things for the book, Dark Soldier. Here’s what may go down in the next half-year:

1. Swords.
I’m going to be in a sculpting class for this next semester. We get to use everything from clay to plastic wrap to make our objects. That means, in regards to the book, I may be able to make full-scale replicas of some weaponry I wrote of. Now, they’re probably not going be made out of metal, but they will have the basic shape and size of those same swords. I don’t exactly know what material will be making them with. Really, it’s whatever they give me. And don’t worry. If I make a full-scale replica of the Leviathan Killer, I will most definitely take a picture of it with a person who is the same height as its wielder. (If you remember, the sword is 5’6″. It’s wielder is somewhere between 4’10” and 5’0″ tall. It will be a very exciting image.)

Sadly, no matter how small the person, unless they are a pixie, it will never be this large to scale.

2. Images
Annika’s going to be doing some work over these next couple months. You’ll be seeing some official imagery for the book, and maybe a video or two. It’s fun. So you actually get to see the diversity of characters I always talk about.

3. Trailer
Yes. Finally, as I get home, we’ll get this thing done that we’ve planned for half a year now. It’s been one exciting time. And now that we have a solid plan for the makeup, filmography, lines, pacing… I’m just very excited to see it come to fruition. Also, it’s a very good thing that we did it this late because it was only up until recently that we completely changed the look for a certain character who is featured in the trailer. Completely. The new look has certain implications that change the entire feeling of the trailer as well. It’s gone from totally awesome to downright horrifying.

4. Writing
Well, of course. What else would I be doing over the summer? Yeah, I’m basically re-writing that whole book over the summer. So goes second drafts. But I’ll be putting snippets as the date for publishing gets closer.


That’s it. I didn’t really have anything else to write. Carry on with your day!