Returning to DeviantArt: Day 1

It turned out slightly differently than I imagined, I’ll give it that. Within the first day, I have gained almost forty pageviews (more than a typical day on WordPress, even). I found that, contrary to my previous excursions, there are actually very talented writers in DeviantArt this time around. There are even good critiquers, and entire groups devoted to critiquing work! What a change from before. It is nice to have that rather than people devoted to making the writer feel good regardless of quality. That was typical of my earlier experience.

Another Social Media Spot?!

Perhaps I shouldn’t start writing these in the middle of the night. But, this is something somewhat big, so I’ll admit it. I have returned to an old social media, not for the sake of critique, but to show them what’s going on. I am officially returning to DeviantArt.

And I am thankfully returning as a much better writer than I was before.