Another Social Media Spot?!

Perhaps I shouldn’t start writing these in the middle of the night. But, this is something somewhat big, so I’ll admit it. I have returned to an old social media, not for the sake of critique, but to show them what’s going on. I am officially returning to DeviantArt.

And I am thankfully returning as a much better writer than I was before.

Social Psycho

So I have a lot of social media outlets, I have come to find. Thankfully, most of these are actually based around two things, WordPress and Soundcloud. It goes like this:

WordPress is linked to Twitter and Tumblr, as is Soundcloud. However, Twitter is also linked to my author Facebook page, which isn’t as popular as the book page. I probably should have made the author page first. Either way, once it goes up on the author page, I can share it on the book page. This works the exact same way with Soundcloud. It’s a beautiful thing and it means I rarely have to do anything except write occasionally.

But the point of this post wasn’t really to talk about how awesome that is. It’s to give you guys links to each and every one of those social outlets. I will list them below, along with what to expect with each one! If you have any of these media, be sure to give me a like or follow!

Dark Soldier: the Novel (Facebook)
Book promos, updates and blogging!

Gabriel Penn (Facebook)
Writing humor, updates, and general college life.

Gabriel Penn (Twitter)
Basically the book page and author page mixed into one awesome resource for the latest in fantasy.

Gabriel Penn (Soundcloud)
Recording stories, podcasts and poetry! I don’t use it terribly often, however, except for the podcast.

The Blood-Soaked Quill (Tumblr)
Writing quotes, tips, and often one of my own stories thrown in there. This one has been rather low-key for some time, but with some help from you, we can make it bigger!

Thanks and have an excellent day!