Introducing Character: Ashlin

You saw the line. You’ve heard of the antihero. Now you see her face to face. Introducing Ashlin of the Dark Veil saga.

Once dusk rolled around, he found himself at the back of Oriwind’s Inn. A crescent moon was high in the sky, and a shard of bright moonlight glistened through the clouds onto some of the concrete street’s stones. He heard footsteps in the darkness that lingered in the alleyway.

“I see you took my invitation,” a voice spoke.

He backed himself into a defensive position. “Who are you?”

The voice laughed. It was not a horrifying cackle. It was not a lighthearted chuckle. It was just a laugh. Perhaps the lack of a clear motive scared him the most.

“Who am I? I think you are a more interesting one to receive that question. But we are similar – we were molded by the night around us. I love the night. But you and I, we feel it differently. I feel the moon’s power pulling the ocean sands. I feel vibrations in the dirt and the grass growing in the moonlight. I feel the trees swaying in the wind and the earth rolling under our feet. Everything is moving. And now I want you to move with me.”

He relaxed slightly. “What is your name?”

“That, my friend, is a better question.”A staff clicked on the pavement as the footsteps came closer. Out from the darkness stepped the blue-haired girl from earlier, war paint still on her face. “I am the druid, Ashlin, and I am here to help.”