An Apology and An Explanation

So I haven’t written anything in a long while. Social Media has been bereft of my presence far too long, and I want to fix that. The reason is simply that I have been taking up most of my time with writing. Writing, writing, writing! I’m trying to finish the second draft of Dark Soldier before the end of July. That’s quite a feat. But I’m keeping myself back by one problem.

Publishing anxiety.

Now it’s not to say I don’t love the characters. I find them fun and organic, witty and human. I don’t mind showing the book to an editor. I don’t even mind sending out bits of scenes to the general public. But the whole book? That feels… odd… to say the least. The fact is that once something’s out there, it is out there to stay. So I have been perfecting it to the best of my ability. I know that I’ll have someone editing before it’s published. And yet, I worry about it a great deal. I’m taking a risk, and as with all risks, there are second thoughts. These are mine.

Perhaps I shouldn’t put my worries out there on the internet, yet here we are.

In a concluding thought, I am considering changing the name of the book. It is currently “Dark Soldier”. My other name plan is “Monsters Within”. Thoughts?