‘Dark Soldier’ Book Trailer Cast List

I know you shouldn’t put these kinds of things up at midnight, but let’s see how it goes.

As some of you may know, for the upcoming novel Dark Soldier, we are working on a teaser trailer, approx. 30 – 60 sec. long. We have been hard at work planning and arranging for the trailer for some number of months now. Finally, it is coming to fruition. So here is what we have for now, and who you will be seeing. Please note that some spots are still open.

Creature on Throne – Sonny Duross
Man in Shadows – Aaron Julca

Photographer – Annika Sams
Costume Designers – Annika Sams / Gabriel Penn
SFX Artist – [Open]
Makeup Artist – [Open]
Producer – Gabriel Penn
Director – Gabriel Penn

Both the SFX Artist and Makeup Artist remain open for now. The special effects artist can be from anywhere, but must know their stuff with Adobe After Affects. The Makeup Artist we would prefer to be from the Upstate New York region.

Honestly, we can probably fill in those spots ourselves but it’s totally cool if someone decides to help out.


Run For The Hills!

I decided to follow up on a New Years resolution. I have officially started running again. And let me tell you… it is NOT fun like some people may claim. (I have actually met people who say such things. I am determined they are liars or have done it so long their brain is confused.) It is absolutely awful. I don’t ever want to do it again, but I know I have to if I want to be fit by the end of the year like I said I would be. However, I do remember having a good feeling after working out, and maybe that’s what people mean by that statement. I specifically find that it goes better if I start chanting Spartan war cries – whispering to myself of course; I’m not going to let people realize I’m completely insane.

In recent writing news, the podcast went decently well. Eighteen plays within a couple days, not terrible for my first time. And, better yet, we are officially on iTunes! However, you won’t be able to find it by a podcast search until around Wednesday or Thursday. And speaking of such things, fellow blogger/writer David Brennan and I will be working together for the next one, recording tomorrow and arriving this Sunday or early Monday morning. Perhaps that will brighten up the way to work! We’ll talk about writing genres, specifically contrasting those in our novels. And with how we interact when we’re together… this one is going to be fun.

Also, after a whole long time of waiting, we may be getting closer to getting the book teaser trailer finished (yes, book trailers exist). We finally decided to toss the live-action idea, as no actors came around, but we will definitely be doing some animation. You may even get a glimpse of the map in the beginning couple seconds. And the voice for the trailer – it’s going to be fun. Let’s just say we somehow got a semi-popular Vine maker to help us out, and I think he’s flawless for the job. But no more spoilers, I’ll let you guys see it when it gets here. Until then, fair travels, and may phoenix fire forever guide and light your way!