This is the End (Almost)

It’s almost over. The school year, that is. Once next Tuesday rolls around, it’s all done. It’s an interesting feeling, being so close to being done. it’s also pretty darn exciting; I’m not going to lie. It means I get to spend a lot more time writing than I am currently. That means I get to finalize the concepts for Dark Soldier. It means more time to write poetry and actually become good at it. It means time to bask in the sun. I probably won’t be doing too much of that, but I’ll try my best. We are writers are night creatures, staying inside and typing away on a keyboard and hissing at the sun…

…oh, wait, that’s just me.

But seriously, no, for those who don’t write, that’s not actually a writer thing. I feel like writers actually pay more attention to people than those who aren’t. I mean, mainly because we’re trying to come up with story ideas and we need new characters, but sometimes we have good intentions. We really do study you. Fiction is sort of like an allegorical documentary. If we didn’t know people, we wouldn’t write them very well.

But enough ranting for me! What are the rest of you doing this summer? Let me know in the comments below!