About the Author

You’re walking through an old tavern, the smell of ale and griffin hide fresh in your nostrils. Suddenly, you spot a long-bearded, grey-haired old man in the corner of the room, spinning eloquent stories to passers-by. As you come closer, he stops mid-story, comes in close, and whispers in your ear to join him on a magical quest to forbidden lands in search of blessed dragon’s gold.

Don’t worry, that guy’s not me. That’s just some nutcase in a bar. Here’s who I am!

My pen name is Gabriel Penn, and I’m a fantasy-loving, story-writing college-age Jesus freak! The blog features writing tips, short stories, funny college tales, faith-based discussion and updates on my dark fantasy series coming early 2016! Join this adventure, and you won’t regret it!


6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Fantasy nerd you say? I suppose that anything in the realm of fiction is in some way fantasy although I know the genre takes it beyond that. I like zombies, vampires, angles, and dragons -cartoon too for that matter. I don’t want to offend your Christianity though because some of those genres can do that. But creativity has to have its outlets. Will be reading your blog to see where you take it.

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