Coming Home

So, here I am. I finally got back home. It’s a really strange feeling, honestly. It means that all exams are finished, that school is over, and my only worry is now doing book stuff. And surviving home life. That too. I’m not sure how to handle this. I have all the time in the world, outside of work, and I just don’t know how to handle it. I want to be with my family, too, but I really want to get this book done. I want to get it done so bad I can taste it!

But doing more writing means less time with the family. I don’t tell them as often as I should, but I love my family a lot. How does one balance the two? I balanced schoolwork and writing once. But this, this is very different. It shouldn’t be as hard to balance as it is. I think I’ll manage.

I’ve basically figured out how I want the second draft to go. The truly hard part will be making a language without a linguistics friend right there to help out. Of course, things will be different.

I also must find an official agent. And a publishing company. All this should be done at some point soon, and for a college kid who doesn’t have much money on him, this is going to be rather difficult.

It’s crunch time – a map needs making, a trailer needs shooting, pages need writing and art needs drawing. It’s going to be a hard time, but fun also, I imagine. Let’s see how it goes.

In the Morning

The sun has come to rest;

The day has all but ended.

And laughter speaks of zest

And spring’s last day impended.

Furniture fills the hall

As my hall mates start to clean,

And talk of the next fall

And the year that had just been.

The rooms all look empty

As college boys come and go

And say with somber glee

“See you next semester, bro.”

But while spring’s end can’t be glummer,

In the morning starts the summer.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Remember what I said this is pretty close to the end? I was right. But next semester brings a set of whole new challenges. But, thankfully, it could also mean that I get to do more things for the book, Dark Soldier. Here’s what may go down in the next half-year:

1. Swords.
I’m going to be in a sculpting class for this next semester. We get to use everything from clay to plastic wrap to make our objects. That means, in regards to the book, I may be able to make full-scale replicas of some weaponry I wrote of. Now, they’re probably not going be made out of metal, but they will have the basic shape and size of those same swords. I don’t exactly know what material will be making them with. Really, it’s whatever they give me. And don’t worry. If I make a full-scale replica of the Leviathan Killer, I will most definitely take a picture of it with a person who is the same height as its wielder. (If you remember, the sword is 5’6″. It’s wielder is somewhere between 4’10” and 5’0″ tall. It will be a very exciting image.)

Sadly, no matter how small the person, unless they are a pixie, it will never be this large to scale.

2. Images
Annika’s going to be doing some work over these next couple months. You’ll be seeing some official imagery for the book, and maybe a video or two. It’s fun. So you actually get to see the diversity of characters I always talk about.

3. Trailer
Yes. Finally, as I get home, we’ll get this thing done that we’ve planned for half a year now. It’s been one exciting time. And now that we have a solid plan for the makeup, filmography, lines, pacing… I’m just very excited to see it come to fruition. Also, it’s a very good thing that we did it this late because it was only up until recently that we completely changed the look for a certain character who is featured in the trailer. Completely. The new look has certain implications that change the entire feeling of the trailer as well. It’s gone from totally awesome to downright horrifying.

4. Writing
Well, of course. What else would I be doing over the summer? Yeah, I’m basically re-writing that whole book over the summer. So goes second drafts. But I’ll be putting snippets as the date for publishing gets closer.


That’s it. I didn’t really have anything else to write. Carry on with your day!

This is the End (Almost)

It’s almost over. The school year, that is. Once next Tuesday rolls around, it’s all done. It’s an interesting feeling, being so close to being done. it’s also pretty darn exciting; I’m not going to lie. It means I get to spend a lot more time writing than I am currently. That means I get to finalize the concepts for Dark Soldier. It means more time to write poetry and actually become good at it. It means time to bask in the sun. I probably won’t be doing too much of that, but I’ll try my best. We are writers are night creatures, staying inside and typing away on a keyboard and hissing at the sun…

…oh, wait, that’s just me.

But seriously, no, for those who don’t write, that’s not actually a writer thing. I feel like writers actually pay more attention to people than those who aren’t. I mean, mainly because we’re trying to come up with story ideas and we need new characters, but sometimes we have good intentions. We really do study you. Fiction is sort of like an allegorical documentary. If we didn’t know people, we wouldn’t write them very well.

But enough ranting for me! What are the rest of you doing this summer? Let me know in the comments below!