Love Is In the Air… KILL IT!

As you all know, it’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love and kissing and Cupid and WHY DOES THAT SMALL CHUBBY INFANT HAVE WINGS AND A WEAPON??! GET AWAY FROM ME FOUL DEMON!!!!

For those who are not interested in love and winged weapon-carrying infants, it is also Singles Awareness Day. It is that wonderful day in which everyone pays no attention to the singles except the singles themselves, and unless we are ok with being single we sob ourselves into a corner. I knew a single like this. Don’t be that single on Valentine’s Day. There are great reasons to be single!

Firstly, you have way more room to be fabulous when you’re single.

There’s no work involved with being single, unless you are excruciatingly attractive. Most people are not excruciatingly attractive. If you are, I feel bad for you, trying to be single. You soldier on, single attractive person. Someday someone will not bother you long enough for you to be comfortable being single.

When you are single, you don’t have to go buying flowers or dinner. You can save all that money for cool things for yourself! When you are single, you don’t have to think, “How is this person doing? Have I called them today to let them know I love them?”

(Unless that person is your momma. Or your dad. Then that’s ok.)

You don’t have to remember your significant other’s birthdays if you’re single! You don’t have to worry about your anniversary, because it doesn’t exist! You can dine out where you want as lazily as you want and never go fancy! You can eat ramen all day!

Or, if so inclined, you can eat ramen in a suit. That way you’re still fancy.

There is no time spent wasting thinking of your significant other! You may now use that day-dreaming time wisely and write a novel! And then you can have relationships in that novel! And you never have to worry about the real-world effects, because it’s ALL MAKE BELIEVE!!!

In simple language, being single is awesome.

In the world of Soldier Chronicles, love is also in the air. For those who are new to the blog, I am also a writer and talk about my book a lot. I’m the biggest fanboy of my own literary universe. I cried the first time one of my characters died, and I WROTE IT. I have some severe problems.

In the second draft of the first book, there is a crazy love triangle… pentagram… thingy… going on. I can’t explain everything, but here goes with the basics. This involves no spoilers, because there are no names! Or genders! Which makes it even more confusing!

Person A is in love with person B. Person B is falling in love with Person A, but Person C is desperately trying to win over person B and isn’t a big fan of Person A at all. Person B likes person C as a friend and confidant but is in love with Person A, which makes Person C’s attempt for acknowledgment even sadder to watch.

Meanwhile, Person D, friend of Person B, is in love with Person C and has been for some time, and is not sure whether to tell Person C of their affections or let them get Person B so that they can be happy. This all becomes even more convoluted when another line is drawn in the second book, when two of these people previously mentioned who are totally unexpected to get together… do. And you’ll never see it coming. So it’s more of a square on cocaine than a pentagram.

I made this really, really complicated, and I don’t feel bad at all. Your feels will fly everywhere. It’ll be like high school all over again, but making a little more sense.

Anyway, if you are single, enjoy being single! If you are in a relationship, adore that significant other! Have an excellent day, darklings! Gabriel, out!