Short Horror: The Bench

After several years of avoiding the genre altogether, I have decided to come back to horror with this new short story. This one was originally intended to be published by a horror magazine. Instead I have chosen to make it free to read. It’s good to be back.

Without further ado: “The Bench”.


It had always been her.

She couldn’t say if there was a reason for it. But she did know that every morning that she went to the park as a child, early in the morning, an older woman, perhaps in her sixties, would come to the park bench right at the big hump in the road near the lamppost. She was always dressed in the most whimsical of outfits, wearing bright blues and pinks, and most often with a nice big hat to block out the sun as she did her work. She did always have the kindest smile to work with, and carried a large bag of “gourmet birdfeed”. At least, that’s what was written on the bag.

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New Short Story!

My new short fantasy story “Little Folk” is officially up on! I’m super excited to have it shown off. I only had a few friends to help edit, but we made it just in time for the thing! Excellence!

Anyway, please be a part of this awesome moment and check it out now at the link! It’s approximately ten pages in total, but a heckuva good time. While it’s totally kid-friendly, please check it out for yourself first, as there are some scary moments in it. You’re the parent, after all, and you decide what’s all right for your kids.

No matter what you do, check out the story and give it a rating! Thanks!