Madder With Three: A Sequel

I said I would make a sequel to Madness, so I did! I’m not sure what I think of it, though, but neither do they, so it all balances out. 

[Enter one thing and the other. A third joins them.]

One thing:      Welcome, third!

The other:      Third, very welcome!

A third:           Indeed, third welcome.

One thing:      But you were already welcomed.

The other:      Twice welcomed, you were.

A third:           But I welcome myself as well, you see. Safety first.

One thing:      A most excellent point.

The other:      But we haven’t.

A third:           We really ought to at some point.

One thing:     That’s the idea.

The other:      But when?

One thing:      Yes?

A third:           Precisely.

The other:      No, not me, just some.

A third:           So, some other point, then?

One thing:      No, at some point.

The other:      But when should we?

One thing:      I most say so.

A third:           But not all, really.

One thing:      No. That would be silly!

A third:           We wouldn’t have time.

The other:      Time for what?

A third:           Not yet, but soon.

One thing:     Well, you mustn’t be late.

The other:     It’s an important date.

A third:          A what?

The other:     Quite.

A third:          I hadn’t thought of that.

One thing:     Nor had I.

The other:     Had you what?

One thing:     I’m not really sure.

A third:          Sure of what?

One thing:     Nope.

A third:          Distressing, I’d say.

The other:     But you just did.

A third:          Did what?

One thing:     No, you did.

The other:     Whatever did he do?

A third:          I’m not sure.

One thing:     Who is?

The other:     No, she isn’t.

A third:          Really?

One thing:     Shocking!

The other:     What is?

One thing:     I’d rather you not.

A third:          It would be painful.

The other:     Agreed. More tea?

A third:         Certainly.

One thing:    Certainly.