LARPing and Short Stories

A cool story and exciting news for Dark Soldier fans!

As many know, I got a chance to do some LARPing (or Live Action Role Playing) today. For those of you who don’t know what that is, LARPing is basically a live version of Dungeons and Dragons. There are powerful enemies, epic quests, zany characters,  crazy outfits, and occasionally thunderbolts. No dice, though.

I got to role-play as a character from my own series! That was awesome. But you won’t see him up until the fourth book of the Dark Veil series.

Here is an image of that character, Camendyr.

Camendyr actually has black hair canonically, but I did not have time to fix that issue in my costume. The look is cool enough that I may just change it to look more like this. The time period that he’s from is actually most similar to 1920s Europe, so his looks isn’t quite commonplace. In fact, he IS a homeless guy. And a druid. And a priest. And yes, face paint is common for priests in the Dark Veil series.

Most people doing the LARPing believe it to be like this:

But in reality, it’s far more like this:

(Spoiler: the guy on the right turned out to be the most epic character at the end.)

And now for brief stories on the characters, from left to right.

Ardus is a ranger, a member of a society on the brink of extinction. When he (the character is canonically male) finds his family to be in trouble, he starts making a blood trail to lead them the enemy off their tracks and onto his. He is destined to forever be a wanderer in the desert.

Camendyr is a Vaelan priest and druid. He did not at first believe in deities at all, though he worked in the temple. But when he was but a teenager, he heard the voice of the Creator and followed it out into the wilderness. He seeks the One who will eventually end all suffering.

Odola is an earth mage and shepherd.  She can control plants, earth, and even the sky itself. Little is known of her past, simply because she won’t tell it. She appears to be innocent, but don’t let her fool you too much. She is one person you just do not want as an adversary.

Nanu is a dangerously powerful necromancer. Born from a set of ultimate creator beings, she fled from her parents after her father declared war on her mother and all that she had created. She can use her powers to teleport across the multiverse and raise the dead to life to do her bidding.

Omega is a phoenix in human form. He remembers very little of his past, due to some amnesia he gained a few months prior. But he knows what he is, and there’s no telling when he’s going to break out of his current form. Who knows what inhuman power he could unleash if he decided to do that?

But why am I telling you all this? Because all of these characters except Omega are creations of fellow writers. Only two out of the five are not directly from any series. But that won’t stop us. Why? Because right now, we’re collaborating on a short story. That short story will explain in detail what happened during that LARP trip. But in this story, this is no dress-up.

This is the basic plot of the story, as of right now.

Through a form of excruciatingly powerful magic, five characters from very different fantasy worlds come to land in a place called Perthshire, New York. They are soon sent on a quest by the powerful earth mage Odola. They all come with very different goals, but they must all work together by the end.

You see, they are not the only things that found the portals.

Prepare for adventure, comedy, drama and general fantasy awesomeness!

At least, this is the basic plan for right now. Would you like to see a collab by four fantasy writers? Let me know what you all think in the comments!

Taking a (Very Odd) Mental Break

I have decided, after being up late writing and being late to work today, that I need a bit of a break from Dark Soldier. It is not so important that I get it done this month. However, before I decided on that, I finally have started the book on its more political direction.

But in an attempt to take my mind off the book so much, I decided to sign up for a LARP event with some friends. That’s right, this guy is doing LARP! For those who don’t know what Live Action Role Play is, it’s basically the most insane mixture of off-the-cuff acting and nerdiness ever to exist. You create a character and you act as them in a world pre-created for you. Except, here’s the thing. It’s all in the real world. So you have to make your own costume and act out your original character at the same time.

I have heard of such things being done, but never done it myself. So it’s time to up the geek factor. It’s time to LARP.


Ok, it’s not all this nerdy. There’s some way cooler stuff with LARP. As we only have ten people, it may not be quite this cool, but who knows?