Celts, Druids and Wizards, Oh My!

So I’ve decided to take a bit of a different approach to the Dark Veil saga. I don’t necessarily want to say it’s a more pagan style because it’s not. I think a better word is “tribal”. What do I mean? Let me explain.

I like Celtic culture a lot. You probably hear me reference that throughout my blog posts. I’m not sure exactly what it is that intrigues me so much. Yet, I’m taking that and running with it. So, you’ll see an almost Viking age style of warfare in the series. The magical people in the series use face paint, almost like shamans and druids.

Photo from Pinterest, close to Ashlin’s look

Like their real life counterparts, druids, they are very attached to the Earth. Druid warriors they may be, but protecting flowers, trees and the nature around them is just as important as protecting themselves in battle.

There are a lot of points where this style will become clearer in the second draft. Many of the warriors dress in leather armor. Some even have fur on their armor to show their rank. This is partially because it’s easier to move in and mostly because it’s easier to get.

The inspiration for the leather armor.

The elvish creatures have metal armor, but they’re elves. They get a lot of technological advances that the rest of the characters don’t. This includes guns… and 100 mph running speeds. They cheat that way. Do they still like nature? Yes. But they’re just not as obsessed with it as wizards are.

Also, they think of humans as an inferior species, in the same way that we think of cavemen or apes.

I warned you that they’d be a little different as a species. And now you know why.

Maybe not QUITE this crazy with their tech. Close, though.

Even the spirits are tribal-based! There isn’t artwork for them yet, but the Four Spirits draw heavy inspiration from Native American and Celtic style. One of them is a giant with a massive beard stretching down to his feet and a walking staff. Another is a woman with orange hair and eyes, a crown of autumn leaves and (possibly) antlers. There are a lot of natural things going on.

Photo by Rania Maria of Tumblr.

The only reason I may not keep the antlers is due to the linking of horned people with Satan worship. It’s sad that people connect them so.

But why is all of this so strange? Why do I feel the need to give out all this weird information? There is a twist to all this. Yes, there are some heavily tribal things in this series. But, in essence, the series is actually… steampunk. What?

Yes, you’ll be seeing things like trains, top hats, and mechanical arms. You’ll see light bulbs, revolvers, and grandfather clocks.  So there’s a tribal Victorian feel to the series. So… Viking Steampunk? That’s honestly the best way I can think to describe it.

And now you know. So… who wants to read this series now? I want to. I’m my own biggest fanboy.