Introducing Character: Trizkol

By far one of the most dangerous characters in the Dark Veil series. I won’t give out what side he roots for, as there are dangerous and evil people on both sides of the imminent war. But be very careful with this one. His killing power rests more in his mind than in his fists.

The hooded figure in the front stopped feet from the guards and stood silently.

The guards looked between themselves, and finally the left guard spoke. “Hello gents! Is ‘ere a funeral goin’ on?” He joked.

The hooded figure stood silently. The guards looked between each other with raised eyebrows, but decided to press the matter.

“Oo’s is it?” asked the other guard.

The figure stood silently again. The guards were quite distressed for a couple moments. Then the hooded figure spoke, looking between the two guards. A deep, gravely voice came from under the hood.

“I hath not yet decid’d.”

A trickle of sweat dripped from the left guard’s brow, but he tried to attribute it to the sun. He laughed softly, nervously.

“Wots, ah, wots ‘at supposed ta mean?” the right guard stammered.

Suddenly the hooded figure locked his stare onto the guard who had just spoken. A sharp-toothed smile glimmered under the hood.

“I hath decided,” the figure concluded. “Thine.”

The guards, realizing what he intended, braced themselves with weapons raised.

“A’ight, now,” started the right guard, “‘at’s just about enough o’ your…”

The figure raised his hand and swung it at the guard forcefully, beheading him.