Blog Promo: Annika Sams Photography

The illustrator for the Dark Veil series officially has a WordPress website! Check it out here. It hosts mainly photographs so far, but she is also quite talented in the area of painting and sketching. She’s just a very wonderfully talented person who’s trying to get a start on this wonderful web hoster that is WordPress.

Here’s some images of hers to get you an idea of how good she is.


Sadly, most of this is older stuff, but you can see her newer photos on her blog! She’s heavily into the surrealism scene, so it shows in her work all the time. Check her out and give her a follow if you like!

Official Image!

You guys get to see this before anyone else; besides Tumblr, the very first place this was shared for the novel. It is the most darndest official image for the species “the shadow” that there is. The illustrator decided a photo illustration was a good way to start this off, and she was right. Boy, was she right.

the shadow

Before anyone asks, it is not based off of Dark Crystal. I do like the film, but that was not the inspiration for this. It was purely a mix of my own and the illustrator’s thoughts. Gorgeous.