#Blackout! (New Podcast)

So some of you may know that it was recently #blackoutday on Tumblr and Twitter. The idea of this was to get the racial minorities of Tumblr together and just take a crapton of selfies, and it was super awesome. And so I decided to do a podcast on how to write races into your books without being racist. This is not just a white person thing, this is an everyone thing. Everyone’s a little bit racist, so goes a song in my favorite musical currently. So this comes in at an opportune time!!

And in honor of that, I’m going to totally make a whole blog about my favorite character in the entire book to write for, and it’s NOT the main one, and he’s black! It’s an epic character who has an epic name, and that is Rük, pronounced Rook. So this whole blog is about him.

Height: 6’2″
Weight: 240 lbs
Skin color: Black
Hair style: Dreads
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Pyruvian
Age: ??
Bio: A soldier who’s been fighting a long time and seen just about everything, he curses like a sailor and drinks like one, too. (However, none of his actual curses will be read by readers. You’ll see.) He is in a relationship with Sapphire, who tries to change his style of living, but it is working very, very slowly.

The reason why I love writing his character so much is not only the thick, Pyruvian accent (based off the Glaswegian accent from Scotland), but also the transformation of his character. It is at best a subplot, but his interactions with Sapphire were wonderful to see. It is nice to see that a war-ridden man can also be a romantic, and deeply and truly care for his friends. I actually based much of his character off a military veteran that I know myself. Although he doesn’t swear or drink, surprisingly, he has the rough and tough mixed with the intense, deep love for his wife that I get to see whenever I come over.

Plus, c’mon. Rük’s a beast. Go Rük, and long live #Blackout!