Forever a Student!

This metamorphosis of myself and my blog is very, very hard. I’m trying to find new and exciting things to write about, but I’m coming up short. Often when I come up with an idea, It’s too late in the evening and I don’t have any desire to actually publish anything. So I looked up some blogging prompts and it suggested some ideas. It suggested mentioning something new that I’ve learned about blogging. And I have learned about something AWESOME.

Scheduling posts!

It seems simple, but I didn’t even know it was a thing up until this point. It means I can write a whole bunch of posts in one day and not have to do it daily! This is great, especially since I was planning on doing themes on certain days. Faith Fridays are one such thing I’ll be doing.

What are Faith Fridays? I realize that I have half the equivalent of a seminary degree that I don’t do much with. I like to write, I like talking about theology, and I love to discuss intellectual things. I figured why not mix them all into one thing? So expect a theology discussion post one of those days. I know that not everyone following me is interested in that, but I think it’ll add some diversity to the blog.

This may be the best or worst idea I’ve come up with.

Also, what do you all think about me setting apart a day where I put up one of my short stories? Short Story Saturdays or something? I haven’t put one up in a VERY long time, other than links to the one I did for the Inkitt Contest. But I have others I’ve done before, and many more that I plan to do! Most of them are fantasy/thriller kind of things. Maybe I’ll even put up the original short story that my upcoming fantasy novel Dark Soldier is based on. If I can find it, that is… we don’t call Mum’s shelves downstairs ‘the library’ for nothing. There are LOTS of books, and an old book filled with my writings is among them.


This may not be EXACTLY what it looks like. But it’s darn close to what it feels like.