Another Midnight Post

Alright, it’s time for another one of my midnight post. This one is less about book stuff and a lot more about just regular life. I realize I haven’t done one of these in a very long time. A lot of things happen in one summer. And I mean, a lot of things. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it this summer, but I was able to get a job. It’s not a bad one; I actually really enjoy it. I’m something of a tattoo artist for cars. It’s a sweet gig.

My parents let me stay at home and I don’t even have to pay rent.  that is the sweetest gig of all. Best yet, they have an empty desk in the basement. I can have all my references in one spot and it’s huge. Not that I really have any references that aren’t on my computer, but if I did I would have room for them. That is probably a huge problem. Probably. Will I do anything about it? Absolutely not.

I like to say that there some kind luxurious life of being a writer while at home and having nothing to do. But let’s face it, I’m a college student. If I have any free time I’m just going to watch Netflix and eating pasta. Maybe work out a little. Maybe. That’s actually probably going to be a thing this summer. Biking is cool. I’ve basically been biking four miles four times a week. It does get you some leg muscles and abs. I’ll be the only man who’s never skipped leg day.


But I will probably also never have an epic beach body and I don’t plan to. Making tone and defined muscle, it just takes so much time. I don’t desire to use that time regularly for such a purpose. Christian bodybuilders say things like “your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”, so I should treat it like one. But what’s wrong with a temple with a little extra insulation? That’s my opinion on this silliness.

In other news, I’m probably going to have a semi-social life this summer. Weird, I know, since I just got off saying how I use all my free time for Netflix and eating pasta. It’s not totally true. I do the uncle thing with my nephews and nieces. That’s a wonderful and excellent opportunity. But also in recent news, a friend decided they were in need of a date because, well, she wanted to have one. And she’s cool. So I’m totes up for it.

I don’t really have anything more to add to this whole thing. So I’m going to rant a bit to finish it up and get it up to 500 words. I don’t know why I have such a crazy problem involving the need to make certain word counts. I just do. But to be honest, that little bit of crazy has made me who I am today.

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