British Accents and Excellent Novels

Click here to hear about me chat very excitedly about the novel I am currently writing. Also, I am writing a completely separate novel for NaNoWrimo. My username there is simply gabrielpenn, so be sure to find me and check out my stuff!

I made a video at 1 am to explain some cool things about the book. But the most incredible part was that I was semi-coherent, which I almost never am at 1 in the morning.

How can I improve these fantastically mediocre one-take YouTube videos? Send me an ask or comment to let me know.

Returning to YouTube

I have just come to the conclusion that I will probably not be doing daily blogs anymore. I’ll still do Faith Fridays and Short Story Saturdays, but that’s all I can say for sure. Those I can schedule. The fact is that school is hard and so is studying. But I can do ten-minute videos, because they don’t require very much thought. They are hilariously bad though, so expect that.

In case you need to be certain about what I implied, yes, the second draft is all finished, and just needs some beta readers/editors now. If you want to become a beta reader/editor, please email me at