I’m Already Tired

This is not the happiest blog ever. We are about ten months until we start looking for a publisher. We’re getting the early chapters done. We’re working on the language. We’re getting the voice in for the teaser trailer. And I am exhausted.

I’m tired of obsessing with my book so often that it’s begun to feel like a chore than something I enjoy. I’m in the re-writing process, which is like killing your own creation, and I can’t enjoy any second of it. I’ve got ten more months to go and I’m already tired.

I wish writing came easy. I wish advertising wasn’t hard. I wish I gained Twitter followers every day instead of losing them slowly. And it’s all because the thing I used to love has become a stone wrapped around my neck. I feel terrible for famous authors. Maybe it’s that I’m trying to do college at the same time. Perhaps if I could just spend my days trying to write rather than juggling it alongside the other objects in my life it would be more enjoyable. But I don’t know.

Basically, what I want to ask the fellow authors is, how does one keep themselves going on a project that’s begun to feel stale? How do you get back the joy of writing when it’s almost been sucked dry? I want to enjoy it, but right now it’s hard.

Midnight Musings

I have been a bit of an insomniac in the past couple nights, so here’s a late night blog! I have no idea what’s about to go down in this blog, but here we go!

For those wanting to track the craziness, check out the 1 AM Tweets Facebook and Twitter that I made for other insomniacs. I may change the name to Insomniacs United or something like that if I get more admins.

With all the insane late night things going on, I decided to keep a record of my thoughts from the previous night, some of which I put on the Twitter I mentioned above. And the things that run through my mind are probably some of the most interesting things that I don’t even know if I can answer or understand to their fullness even in a completely awake state.

The gist of the first question I recorded is whether pure colors actually exist, even at the molecular level. At the time I was talking about chocolate because I love chocolate. Is chocolate really brown at all, or is it a rainbow of colors at the point of atoms? Can we really say we have a favorite color? (Mine are silver, black, and red, by the way.) Perhaps such questions are silly. After all, it doesn’t matter since it’s only light waves of different wavelengths.

The second question that entered my brain, which doesn’t work with just about any religion, was whether everyone on earth could be one person. This seems like an odd question at first, but consider it. If reincarnation truly exists, should it necessarily follow the laws of time? What would stop it from sending your soul back in time or even hundreds of years ahead of your existence? What if it went into the baby version of your child once you died? What if the souls of the two people who made you were in fact your own in different forms? I can think of many reasons why that couldn’t work, but it is an interesting theory. If I didn’t have a religion already, I would make that one.

The third question regards mortality itself. What is immortality? Is it not the ability to keep on living until something stops you? If that were the case, aren’t we technically all immortal? Think of the legendary vampires. Vampires, according to the legend, must be killed with a stab to the heart, a beheading, or being lit on fire. But wouldn’t that kill anyone? I could say the same for humans, really. “Well, they don’t die unless their bones just stop working under them, or they get hit by a car, or stabbed, or shot, or etcetera!” We’re all immortal until Death one days tells us we no longer are. That’s my philosophy.

Most of the rest of the questions regard what to do in the Soldier Chronicles, the series that I’m working on now. Thanks to recording these late-night thoughts, there are going to be FAR more plot twists, betrayals, and character quirks / developments than ever before! In this universe, nothing is surety to happen. The most good good-guys may become pure evil. The most bad bad-guys may become saints. And everyone is equal in the eyes of Death himself.

Thanks to these late-night ideas being recorded, I have planned all the way to the very last book (Book Four) in terms of plot twists. Not all of them have been planned, but a great deal of plot and twists have been planned already. The final one no one is going to believe that I planned this far ahead, so while I have been home visiting for Winter Break, I have asked my mother to keep the final plot twist hidden away so that I can prove it later. Indeed, the great game changer is already set in motion, and no one’s going to see it coming.

Except me.

I’m going to see it coming.


And the rest of the psychoticness is recorded on my 1 AM Tweets page. Insomniacs are welcome to join. We shall rule!!!

*Insert Evil Laugh Here*

It’s only been five hours into my day and I’m already tired. This is what happens when I try to do writing while on break, my brain just doesn’t know what to do with itself.

It all seems to be revolving around one simple line from the novel, which for purposes which are to be seen later understood, needs to be revised or permanently kept the way it is very soon. The line, as implied by the title, is a line spoken by a being made to be the perfect antagonist. He is one without rules. one known worlds around as pure unadulterated evil. But how exactly does one reflect that in a single quote?

That is the question that plagues me. After all, the one who speaks the line has to see a good version of it. (Slight spoiler for its purpose, I know, which is coming later this month.) So I give it to the collective to read. We have writers and readers, scholars and common folk, mothers and fathers, businesspeople and artists, Americans and the rest of the world in my group of followers. I think between us all we should be able to get a good final line that works.

Here we go:

“What is good… but an ideal? Has a good man ever existed? None, not one; they yearn for that darker side of themselves, and it is darkness that I shall give them…”

“…And then break them.”

So there you have it. And thus concludes probably my shortest and concisest blog to date, but after all, it’s the comments I’m most interested in here.

Good evening, my friends!