Acknowledging Assistance: A Great Big “Thank You”!

I realize I talk a bit too much about myself and not enough about the people who have really did the most work. So this blog is going to have nothing to do with me and all to do with those who’ve helped me throughout the process of writing and creating a beautiful fictional world. There may be more that help as time goes on, and you’re freakin’ awesome, too, even if I haven’t met you. So here’s to you, even if you don’t read it.

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TheOne Lovely Blog Award

One lovely Blog Award

I have been nominated for the ‘one lovely blog award’ by the awesome

I must follow these rules:- Thank the person who nominated you for the award.- Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post. – Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.- Nominate about 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

So, although it’s totally unlike my regular style of posting, here goes!

First of all, in the style of these things, I’m going to thank Ritu, the blogger behind “But I Smile Anyway”, who’s just a great mix of sweet and awesome and always has something good to say about the blogs and pretty much everyone. Plus she’s got a very realistic and down-to-earth sort of a blog, which is always interesting to read. So kudos to you, you’re a great person and can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

Now, 7 facts or things about myself. These should be fun.

1) I used to be nocturnal, and (still) have a sensitivity to bright lights, therefore getting me the nickname “vampire” in high school.

2) People tend to picture me as a pop music kind of character, yet I love heavy metal AND pop, and folk, and basically all genres besides country, which I’m slowly beginning to like, too. If I don’t like a band, it is more likely that I don’t like the people in it rather than that I actually don’t like the music.

3) I have the most epic man-crush on Mitch Grassi from Pentatonix, to the point where my brothers tell me its kinda creepy.

4) Although I’m a Christian, my best friend in high school was Wiccan. People could just never understand how that worked.

5) I come from a home of six boys and one sister, who is not-so-unusually a bit of a tomboy.

6) I don’t sing that well but I do play ocarina, which is a flute-like instrument.

7) Like Ritu, a thing about driving – I technically passed my first time. I wasn’t necessarily the greatest driver, but man did I nail that parallel parking! People may not want me to drive, but if they need a parking job, I am the man to go to! 😛

And so to nominate some of my fellow bloggers who I have interacted with and enjoyed reading their posts. As I post a bit more than I interact, I’m probably not going to make fifteen, but here’s trying.

I actually met him on Twitter, but the guy’s a poet, writer and philosopher. Quite a mix, and a cool dude.

Full of good reads, all the time, every time.

Hilarious stuff, always honest and just plain funny. Not much interaction, but still cool. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE

Poetry. Just poetry everywhere, and it’s amazing.

Second in Rome, what can I say about this blog? Great writing tips all the time, great person and very, very smart.

Inspiring and poetic. Can you tell I’m a fan of poetry yet?

That’s all I really have. Maybe that’s a bit of a wake-up call that I should chat with other bloggers more often. Have a lovely time and if it’s your first time here, be sure to check out previous blogs and these other guys!