Films and Finals Pt. 2

So close to coming home! I can’t wait! Honestly, I love my campus, and I love my roommates, but I do not miss studying for finals. I personally have been up until 4am and 2am in the past couple days due to… all right, so the 4am had nothing to do with studying. It was just because my dorm-mate is nocturnal and his computer screen shines into my face when I sleep. But the 2am, that was studying. Sort of. It was a drawing that was a final exam for one of my classes. But it’s like studying, right?


I’m a failure.

However, good news in regards to the novel! We finally have one man who is considering the step up to the plate, who has agreed to try out this voice acting thing for the teaser trailer coming out later this month, and that is… Jake Holland of Vine! Perhaps it is surprising that a funny guy like Jake is interested in the role, but he indeed has done similar roles in short films. It’s that beefy body and beard of his, ‘ya know.

Soo to those who actually read these, you all get to have a little spoiler to the teaser. The very first line of the teaser. Prepare yourself.

“What is good but an ideal?”

I’m fully aware that these spoilers do nothing for you but that’s the point. I don’t give spoilers, and I certainly won’t give away a big one this early before its release. Come on, people. I’m better than that.

Further notes on the novel, I CANNOT BELIEVE that we are releasing the first draft to those who request it in only a week! How exciting is THAT? That’s pretty friggin’ awesome. And to those who have not yet requested it, leave me a comment, like “YO I WANT UR FIRST DRAFT SONNN” and I’ll be like “SURE THING BRAH” and give it to you on the 15th. Awesomeness.

That’s it for this week, darklings! Talk to you next time!

Films and Finals

Ah, finals. The bane of humanity has reared its depressing head and plans to squash all hopes of me saving the semester. But I will prevail, as most tend to do and if all I do is pass at this point, I think I should be ok.

This is mainly because a lot of things are pressing down at once. A teaser trailer for the novel Dark Soldier coming 2016 is in production and searching for a deep-voiced speaker to voice the character portrayed. We only have the rest of the December to get it done. At the same time is finals, and you can just imagine how that is pressing down. It’s not a very happy time in my life, to be honest, but I seem to be managing.

I will give a couple spoilers as to what exactly is happening in the teaser. First of all, as I mentioned, this deep-voiced intimidating character is going to be the spotlight. He’s the only character in it, after all. Very minimalist visuals will be involved, but a brief glimpse of a dark throne is likely going to be involved. The scene it is taken from is described like this:

“Far from Oriwind, a hooded figure in a grey cloak walked down a hallway. Its floor was paved in gold. Its golden walls were decorated with all sorts of trinkets from other lands; shields, paintings, rugs and masks hung in rows. Doors were scarce. Those that existed were framed in swirling, decorative borders made of the finest ruby.

At the end of the hall stood a giant pair of doors, decorated like the others, and no different in their size and its placement. The hooded figure lifted its sleeves, revealing two smoke-black hands. It pushed open the door.

What the door opened to was an even larger hallway, with red velvet carpeting that lead up to a giant golden throne. There were no windows in the hall, only great lanterns hung on poles that stood rowed along the edges of the carpet. The lanterns gave off an eerie blue flame.”

And yet the character shown is not the hooded figure. It is the one on the throne.

That is all.

Have an excellent rest of the weekend, darklings!