Seasonal Spirits

Now that I’m finally coming back, I totally want to talk about this one thing in the books. It’s cool.

I’ll be doing more exciting things later, but for now I’m just NEED to brag about the awesome world of Vaela.

Some of you may not know this, but religion plays a huge part in the Dark Veil saga. The religion is Judaism/Christian based, but with a few little twists along the way. One of the big changes is the including of seasonal spirits.

(That does not mean booze. I know that sounds exciting, but these guys are cooler than alcohol. Maybe.)

These spirits were created by the True King as overseers of the seasons and elements. I’ll list them by appearance in the series.

The Frost King / Father Winter

Father Winter is an old soul. Being a colossal blue-skinned creature, he tends to strike fear into the hearts of those who see him. It isn’t quite wrong of them either. After all, he is there to finish the job of Mother Autumn. Death and killing are kind of his thing. But behind the deadly deeds lies a heart devoted to the True King. He also tends to be a stickler for tradition.

The Red Queen / Mother Autumn

She may not be the end of all things, but she is quite close to it. Though she may appear as antlered and beautiful redheaded woman, her purpose is to bring about the end of life. The grass withers and the leaves lose their greens wherever she treads. There is great beauty in her work, but danger as well. She is not the same as Father Winter. Beware.

Lord of the Oceans / Father Summer

Playful he may not seem all the time, but he just so happens to be. He brings about warm air and wonderful ocean currents. He encourages fun in the summer sun. But as with most good things, there is a catch. For he controls all the ocean, even those which cause monsoons and typhoons. With joy comes also pain. So it happened when death entered the world – all were corrupted in some fashion.

The Great Mother / Mother Nature

Because she is now a part of the earth, her true physical form can only be seen in visions. However, a lady figure is occasionally seen in waves and blowing leaves. Some say that it is the Great Mother watching over her dominion as given her by the True King. She hibernates each year but always returns after the Frost King and Red Queen move on. Through her Spring comes about. But be careful not to attempt to harm nature. You will regret it very, very quickly.

That’s it! Mainly because it’s late. But soon I’m going back to SUPER awesome stuff on here! This is just a taste of the awesomeness to come.