The Fantasy Genre Returns

So apparently my blog is very popular over this past week due to a post of mine called “A Little List of Lies about Leprechauns”. It’s gotten over 400 views, something I considered impossible for any of my posts. So with this in mind, I’ve decided to discuss the thing that birthed such creatures in the first place: the fantasy genre.

It seems like the fantasy genre is finally making a comeback. With shows like Game of Thrones, the Shannara Chronicles, and the recent success of The Hobbit, the general public is eating up fantasy as intensively as the upper class is eating lobster. But where does the booming interest in fantasy come from?

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There are way too many fantasy books with gorgeous characters that have flawless skin. It’s starting to become less of a thing, but still, here’s a reminder. Don’t be afraid to give them scars, burns, calloused skin, or heck, even freckles.

And speaking of skin, not all of them have to be white. Even in 13th century Europe.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you and good night.

Monthly Read n’ Review: Frank Peretti’s “Monster”

Monthly Read n’ Review: Frank Peretti’s “Monster”. #review #thriller #horror


This is the very first of an all-new regular monthly post, the Monthly Read n’ Review. Today, I decided to ignore all the other wonderful options and talk about the book that got me hooked on the horror genre: Frank Peretti’s Monster. Book Summary: More terrifying than any nightmare, something has scathed a very real path through the Idaho hills, paving it in blood and echoing screams. It lives,…

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