So here’s my opinion on this whole John Green pedophilia controversy. I’m going to give a very unpopular opinion. They’re both right and they’re both wrong. 

That may sound like I’m backing out and trying to make everyone happy. Not at all! In fact, I’m sure both sides are going to get butt-hurt, and that’s ok. People don’t have to be happy about your opinion; they just have to acknowledge that it exists. 

For those who don’t know the situation, here are the basics from what I understand: a girl on Tumblr basically said that John Green seems to pander to young teen girls a lot and through watching his videos, decided that he seems to act a bit like a pedophile. John Green lashed out, very angry that she would call him a pedophile. 

Props to the lady – she noted behavior that does seem typical of a pedophile. Pandering to young girls, trying to make them feel good about themselves, etc.: it can be seen as pedophilic. And girls should note behavior that’s pedophilic. If you see an old guy who watches children or plays with them very affectionately, but looks like he never goes outside, it’s all right to be very, very cautious. That’s what stops rape from happening. And that she called out a famous author for that? That’s called courage, my friends. 

Props to Green – contrary to what everyone’s trying to say, she did call him a pedophile. If you don’t see the connection between what she said and his reaction, you need some more reading comprehension classes. He has reason to be upset at being called a pedophile. Being a pedophile is a bad thing. Did he overreact? Yes. And she should probably not have put that out on public social media for everyone to see. That’s a conversation you have between friends, not on Tumblr. 

A few more thoughts on the whole situation: I do not think that John Green is a pedophile in any manner of speaking. I think he panders to the younger audience that he does because he realizes that they need books and writers that sympathize with them. I don’t think he purposely makes his videos to attract ladies, but that they often come because his books are made for that audience. I think he acts the way he does because he’s goofy and fun to watch. I am not a teen girl, but I enjoy watching his stuff, and I know lots of other guys that do. That being said, if teen romance lovers are his main audience, he needs to handle pedophilia accusation better. If you’re not a teen yourself, and especially if you’re up there in age, and writing for that audience, it’s going to happen. Whether or not the girl is right doesn’t matter. It’s all about how you respond to these kinds of things. And he responded poorly at the time.

Rant complete.