“What Music They Make”

I’ve decided to do an entire blog to my favorite lovely dear child of the night, the vampire. They’re wonderful creatures, really, but heavily misunderstood. In fact, their story is probably one of the saddest things ever.

First of all, a lot of people think that automatically if you are a vampire you must be a blood-drinking death machine. But imagine if a nice old lady became a vampire? Would she then become a maniacal blood drinker? Probably not. In fact, that might be a really sad life for her, I think. Imagine being forced to do awful things like drinking people’s blood to survive. It’s not the greatest life on the planet.

People think, I would love to be a vampire! I can run at crazy speeds, rip things apart with my bare hands, and turn into a bat and fly off into the night! But at the same time, unless you got some crazy, crazy sunblock, it’s at the risk of never again seeing the sun and the unbridled desire to eat any living friends you have left. At this point, does the power make up for it? Does eternal life make up for eternal hunger?

See how sad Dracula is??

However, after all that boring “vampires are sad” thing, we need to talk about how awesome they can be if they decide to stop being sad about it. Let’s realize that, depending on the lore we’re talking, vampires are also incredibly awesome. They can transform into far more things than bats, especially if they’re Dracula. They can transform into mist, bats, wolves, cats, etc. What a terrifying concept, really, because if they can turn into mist, what stops them from turning into the air around you? What stops one from being there while you’re reading this, right here, right now? Hear him? Of course you can’t.

He doesn’t even need to breathe.

Also, dark things are fun! At least to me. It’s fun to hang out in the dark, although figuring out a way to be in the day too would be nice. Simply put, the sky is far more interesting at night. To have that beauty to wake up to every night would be wonderful. And as the night goes on, beauty just pours itself out further and further until you’re left breathless. Not that you would need to.

Also, vampires could be super helpful. Imagine someone gets poisoned in the middle of the night. Everyone else may think, “Ew, I don’t wanna drink your blood.” But leave that up to the vampire! They don’t have to worry about dying. They’re already dead. They could easily drink the poison if they had to. And what if this vampire decided to try his/her hand at the good side? Batman has nothing on an immortal. Screw what “Batman vs Dracula” said. (Yes, that is an actual film.)

So who is your favorite vampire? Let me know in the comments!

Films and Finals Pt. 2

So close to coming home! I can’t wait! Honestly, I love my campus, and I love my roommates, but I do not miss studying for finals. I personally have been up until 4am and 2am in the past couple days due to… all right, so the 4am had nothing to do with studying. It was just because my dorm-mate is nocturnal and his computer screen shines into my face when I sleep. But the 2am, that was studying. Sort of. It was a drawing that was a final exam for one of my classes. But it’s like studying, right?


I’m a failure.

However, good news in regards to the novel! We finally have one man who is considering the step up to the plate, who has agreed to try out this voice acting thing for the teaser trailer coming out later this month, and that is… Jake Holland of Vine! Perhaps it is surprising that a funny guy like Jake is interested in the role, but he indeed has done similar roles in short films. It’s that beefy body and beard of his, ‘ya know.

Soo to those who actually read these, you all get to have a little spoiler to the teaser. The very first line of the teaser. Prepare yourself.

“What is good but an ideal?”

I’m fully aware that these spoilers do nothing for you but that’s the point. I don’t give spoilers, and I certainly won’t give away a big one this early before its release. Come on, people. I’m better than that.

Further notes on the novel, I CANNOT BELIEVE that we are releasing the first draft to those who request it in only a week! How exciting is THAT? That’s pretty friggin’ awesome. And to those who have not yet requested it, leave me a comment, like “YO I WANT UR FIRST DRAFT SONNN” and I’ll be like “SURE THING BRAH” and give it to you on the 15th. Awesomeness.

That’s it for this week, darklings! Talk to you next time!