A New Thing Arises

I’m not putting an image to this one because I can find no image that can describe it well. This new quote is distinct to draft two. It still has a few things I can tweak, but this is how it looks right now. Currently, it fits very well into the scene.

“Nobody has to get hurt!” she pleaded. “Listen to me! You don’t have to be the monster!”

He smiled, and the air was still. There was no sound but for a few stones falling from a building near by. He looked directly into her eyes. “A monster? No, I am not a monster, for a monster can die. When one becomes so powerful that men’s hearts fail from his footsteps and mountains tremble in his presence, has he not become more than a mortal? There were those who called me monster once, and they will soon regret it. I have become more than a monster. I have become a god.”

At that moment, this new being raised its arms, and the ground began to shake.

“…And all of you will bow before me.”

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