I Need A Scotsman (or woman)

I need help. Again.

I realize that I have a character in the book I’m writing who’s speech is based off a Scottish accent. The idea of this was to show he’s not from the same country as the main characters. I can’t just make up my own accent either. I’m just not creative. Also, I write his speech differently than I write the normal speaker’s in the book. I base it off of the Scottish accents I’ve heard in movies like Braveheart and such. If I was writing for an American audience only, that might be fine. Here’s the problem – I’m not. I’d like for people outside the U.S. to see the book. So if this book happens to hit a Scottish audience… it may come off as farcical. I don’t want that! The entire McKenzie Clan (part of my heritage) would join arms and start burning the books! Maybe they wouldn’t be so mean.

So I need a Scottish person. I need you to check out the lines and see if it’s at least pretty close. Them also being a writer would be preferred. Here’s my email: officialgabrielpenn@gmail.com.

And for those who aren’t Scottish… is it a good idea to have people with different accents in your story? Better yet, is it right to write their dialogue differently, especially if they’re a main character? Let me know.

If you are a Scottish person and you are questioning whether you should help, let your patriotism guide you.

I’d say ‘MERICA, but this is for Scotland. So, “FREEDOOOM!”

I Need Opinions

I don’t like doing videos, but I do like talking. It’s kind of an issue. So I need an opinion.

Should I, or should I not, do a weekly podcast?

If I make a weird face while podcasting, that’s not an issue like it is while YouTubing. I can do all sorts of things with my face and not look at myself doing them. I prefer that, really.

Basically, who would listen up if I did? And what would you all want to hear? Writing stuff, daily life, etc.?

So, your opinions would be sa-weet! Give me all of them. Well, maybe not all of them. But some of them.

*Insert Evil Laugh Here*

It’s only been five hours into my day and I’m already tired. This is what happens when I try to do writing while on break, my brain just doesn’t know what to do with itself.

It all seems to be revolving around one simple line from the novel, which for purposes which are to be seen later understood, needs to be revised or permanently kept the way it is very soon. The line, as implied by the title, is a line spoken by a being made to be the perfect antagonist. He is one without rules. one known worlds around as pure unadulterated evil. But how exactly does one reflect that in a single quote?

That is the question that plagues me. After all, the one who speaks the line has to see a good version of it. (Slight spoiler for its purpose, I know, which is coming later this month.) So I give it to the collective to read. We have writers and readers, scholars and common folk, mothers and fathers, businesspeople and artists, Americans and the rest of the world in my group of followers. I think between us all we should be able to get a good final line that works.

Here we go:

“What is good… but an ideal? Has a good man ever existed? None, not one; they yearn for that darker side of themselves, and it is darkness that I shall give them…”

“…And then break them.”

So there you have it. And thus concludes probably my shortest and concisest blog to date, but after all, it’s the comments I’m most interested in here.

Good evening, my friends!