I Noticed You

I met you long ago, but you met me first. 

You were shy, and I didn’t notice. 

But quietly, you noticed me. 

You noticed

Sketches of worlds that had not been made,

Stories untold 

And places never to be trodden by human feet. 

And I didn’t notice. 

It took some time, but I would notice. 

I noticed you first when you spoke. 

I noticed you again when you laughed. 

I noticed you when you were passionate, 

When you were swept with intense fervor 

Like the ocean tides swaying under a full moon. 

I noticed.  

I notice you still, when you say silly phrases, 

Whispering strange nothings 

As we laugh under evening lamplight. 

I notice 

When you speak of lofty things, 

Things mankind was never meant to understand. 

But you try your best. 

I notice you. 

I see your deep gazes reflecting mine,

Pools of green 

Covering the pathways into your soul. 

I see you. 

I see your hands interlock with mine, 

Clasping hard,

So that maybe I won’t let go for a while.

I don’t. 

I see your quirks, 

 your hand gestures,     

  your beautiful smile,        

   your fantastic teasing.

I see you and I notice.

And every day I notice more.

I align myself to your patterns,

Walk beside your newly trod paths,

And pray with a madman’s hope

That I can continue walking them for a while.

     -Gabriel Penn