10 Facts You May Not Have Figured About Fairy Folk

I just recently announced on Twitter that we are introducing fairies to the world of the Soldier Chronicles. In a follow-up to that information, here are ten things you may not have known about the fairy folk (elves included).

1. Our modern understanding of fairy folk started in Ireland and Scotland. The “Sidhe” were originally a rather tall race, but in later writings were described to be smaller in stature and sometimes even had wings (pixies, anyone?). The original stories is perhaps where Tolkien got the idea to make elves tall again.

2. They aren’t a fan of you saying it, but they do like to be appreciated. If you’ve seen the Harry Potter, you may know a little bit about house elves – which are really brownies, not quite the same as elves. The same goes for Spiderwick Chronicles, which may just include my favorite film version of fairy folk. Give them gifts, like organic food or something. If you want them to stick around, don’t give them a “thank you”, and most certainly do not give them clothes.

3. Fairies are known to steal children on a semi-regular basis and replace them with fairy children. The children for whom this is the case are referred to as “changelings”, and so the story goes, you can’t get your real child back unless you make the changeling laugh or suffocate them. I would pray you not try the second one, in case you’re wrong.

4. Elf locks are said to be the result of fairy folk playing with your hair. Ever had those tangles in a horse’s mane or in your hair that seemed to appear overnight? I’m not saying it’s fairies, but…


5. Fairies are most likely to be seen on Midsummer’s Eve. Therefore, a midsummer night’s dream. Keep your eyes out at twilight, midnight, midday or just before sunset.

6. There are indeed an official king and queen of the fairies. Their names are King Oberon and Queen Titania. Anime/manga lovers, especially Fairy Tail fans, should get rather excited about that last bit of information. And we may just see these two for a bit in the series Soldier Chronicles.

7. Dwarves are considered Fairy Folk. Creatures also considered fairies includes elves, gnomes, leprechauns, brownies, goblins, pixies, dryads, nyads and flower fairies.
Gimli may not be too happy about that last bit of information.

8. Red caps, from Scotland, are murderous fairies who can only be warded off by reciting Bible verses. Oh? You thought all fairies were cute and cuddly? Oh, no! If you didn’t get the hint by goblins being considered fairy folk, there are some particularly nasty ones out there. These ones look like old men, have sharp teeth and claws, and will come after you with a scythe to kill you. Then they will mop up the blood with their caps. Therefore, red cap. Not quite what you were expecting? Neither was I.

9. Our modern idea of a fairy is actually a pixie. So if you see someone calling a tiny humanoid creature with butterfly wings a fairy, it may be true, but you might want to just call them pixies. It’s more correct that way. And pixies are rather drawn to gardens and natural things; so if you’re looking for a tiny friend, you might want to start planting.

10. Another fairy-finder – if you think you’ve found a fairy spot, circle it nine times on a full moon. You just may get a chance to spot a fairy. Why does this work? I have no idea, really. I guess fairies are just suckers for tradition.

I hope you learned some fun stuff today! I did while writing this. Maybe the red cap part wasn’t as fun, but everything else was fun to me! Hope you all have excellent days to come!