What are your biggest dreams?

My biggest dream is to be a light to people who’ve been in a dark place like I have. I was in a really, really dark place during most all middle school and most of high school. I didn’t fully give myself to Christ till age 15. That’s why I draw dark things, write dark stories, because it’s what I would have read and viewed. I still like to read and view these kinds of things.

But I always put a light in the midst of the darkness, because there is. But that light is so, so hard to see when you’re in it unless you’re told otherwise by someone who’s gone through it already.

No matter what I do later in life, I’d like to reflect that light to the ones who need it most, and maybe, just maybe, they can do the same for someone else.

Two original character sketches for my upcoming webcomic “Mister Jack”. 

On top, Tsuyoshi, the main character’s best friend and a vampire (specifically a kyonshi). If you don’t think a vampire wearing a “give blood” hoodie is hilarious, you can get outta my face. He’s been around a couple centuries but does his best to keep up with the latest style. And most certainly just doesn’t like to shut up.

On bottom, Jack, the main character, who is neither dead or alive due to a curse he placed on himself. After wandering the earth a few decades, he decided to become a private eye for supernatural creatures. As he is a completely new kind of supernatural creature, he has some very strange abilities up his sleeve.

I’m planning to have the webcomic come out early October. Watch for it!!

Fan Art!

I officially have my first piece of fan art! One of my fans on Tumblr heard about a certain character, new to draft two of the novel, who goes by the name of Addom. He heard about it mainly because it’s the character he asked me to make for him, but that’s not the point. The point is that I feel super awesome because I have FAN ART!

I’m not putting this up on any other network, just to you WordPress followers. That’s because I want the main audience to see my illustrator’s stuff, and the fan art later. But now that I’ve whet your appetites, here is Addom, done by theangelstarot on Tumblr.

Not quite what I imagined for the character, but it is, after all, up to the reader’s imagination. The things that are described in the book are the spiked mohawk-like hair, the freckles, the scarring on the side of the face, and the moon tattoo below Addom’s neck, as shown in the upper left. Another characteristic not seen in the image is that Addom is a redhead. That’s all for today, folks!

That’s all for today, folks! For illustrator images and writing updates, be sure to follow us on the novel’s Facebook page, the author’s Facebook page, and on Twitter!


blackwingedgabriel I drew you a thing. I have something with a jacket too but I can’t draw full body very well so idk if I’ll post it.

Awesomeness! So that people know what’s going on, theangelstarot was made into a character for my upcoming fantasy novel Dark Soldier. Of course I said yes. I haven’t sent the description to the illustrator yet, but theangelstarot has taken it upon himself to do it before she does. And it’s SA-WEET.

Draw yourself!

1. Draw yourself in what you’re wearing now
2. Draw yourself as a superhero
3. Draw yourself as a super villain
4. Draw yourself in your favorite book
5. Draw yourself in your favorite movie/show/anime
6. Draw yourself in your favorite game
7. Draw yourself doing something completely out of character
8. Draw yourself doing something totally IN character
9. Draw yourself in your favorite outfit
10. Draw yourself as an animal
11. Draw yourself as the opposite sex/gender
12. Draw yourself sleeping
13. Draw yourself as a monster (ghoul/werewolf/vampire/ghost/skeleton/etc)
14. Draw yourself swapping clothes with your favorite character
15. Draw yourself as a dragon
16. Draw yourself making a weird expression
17. Draw yourself doing something badass
19. Draw yourself doing something dumb
20. Draw yourself as a magical girl/guy/other
21. Draw yourself at school
22. Draw yourself as a fantasy creature (elf/dwarf/halfling/etc)
23. Draw yourself as a pirate
24. Draw yourself as a knight
25. Draw yourself as royalty
26. Draw yourself cosplaying as a Disney princess/prince
27. Draw yourself wearing clothes from a different time period
28. Draw yourself punching something
29. Draw yourself in an outfit you want but don’t have
30. Draw yourself sleeping
31. Draw yourself mmmblockin out the haters
32. Draw yourself drawing yourself drawing yourself
33. Draw yourself in the position your currently in
34. Draw yourself doing whatever you want

Tag it as #drawyourselfart so I can see!