The Fantasy Genre Returns

So apparently my blog is very popular over this past week due to a post of mine called “A Little List of Lies about Leprechauns”. It’s gotten over 400 views, something I considered impossible for any of my posts. So with this in mind, I’ve decided to discuss the thing that birthed such creatures in the first place: the fantasy genre.

It seems like the fantasy genre is finally making a comeback. With shows like Game of Thrones, the Shannara Chronicles, and the recent success of The Hobbit, the general public is eating up fantasy as intensively as the upper class is eating lobster. But where does the booming interest in fantasy come from?

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A Very Sad Update.

So I think it’s well known that I hate killing off characters, but if I think it is needed in the plot, then I do so. For the final draft, I will get around to killing off a certain main character that I refused to kill off in the previous drafts. It just seemed ridiculous to me that they stayed alive, really. I only kept them alive because of how scared I was to kill them. It changes the plot of the second book slightly, but it’s important that it happens. Otherwise, it’s not realistic and the whole point of the story is not as compelling.

I REALLY hate myself for doing this. The fans will probably hate me just as much, but I can live with that.

To end this off nicely, for the final draft, I will finally do what I proudly proclaimed I would do initially. Now, half of the book is from the protagonist’s perspective and the other half is from the antagonist’s perspective.

Basically, what I’m telling you is that there is now no antagonist or protagonist. There are just warring sides. And really, that’s what I should have done all along.

Gabriel, out.



I would have never imagined the day! I am crazy excited!!

Thank you guys so much! You’re such gems.

For those who are interested, I have another Tumblr for my books called @darkveilbooks . The Dark Veil Saga is a Dark Fantasy/Steampunk series, and I plan to get the first book out by early next year. I haven’t done much on it yet, but more will be coming!

British Accents and Excellent Novels

Click here to hear about me chat very excitedly about the novel I am currently writing. Also, I am writing a completely separate novel for NaNoWrimo. My username there is simply gabrielpenn, so be sure to find me and check out my stuff!

Calling on Conlangers

Hey, conlang side of Tumblr! I require your help once more. 

As a college student, I am having a hard time finding the time to write, work, study, manage my Tumblr and create Sospeke, the constructed language for the Dark Veil books, the first of which is coming next year. (Yes, I would still like to make that language official.)

As of right now, all I have are four words, most of the alphabet and some of the grammar. 

So, if I were to give you the basic language concepts, would you wonderful people be willing to give your input and help as necessary?

“He loved that sound – people screaming in terror, bodies torn apart. It made him feel right at home.”
                                  -Dark Soldier: the Novel

And now an aesthetic post for the main antagonist… Trizkol.

(None of the images, besides middle left, are official artwork. Official artwork to come soon.)

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