Christianity Sounds Weird

I have come to realize that trying to explain Christianity to someone sounds like a really intense sci-fi style acid trip.

“We worship an all-powerful otherworldly non-gendered and non-physical being who is split into three persons and exists outside the laws of common physics. This entity has these other weird-looking creatures which are also non-gendered and non-physical, and they all come from this non-physical plane/dimension of existence that cannot be seen through natural human vision. Also, this all-powerful otherworldly non-gendered and non-physical being flies around on a giant glass-like seat in the middle of a glass-like platform supported by four gyroscope things. Oh, but this being is also technically everywhere at once while being on that seat.

“Also, there was a war in this other dimension and now there are two factions of these non-gendered, non-physical beings that came on Earth and now fight amongst each other without you being able to see them.

“And after my body shuts down, my consciousness will travel to another plane of existence, where I will be with this incredible all-powerful being forever and ever. Eventually, this same all-powerful entity will terraform the Earth into a new planet. After this point, we will live in a giant multicolored floating cube utopia about 1400 miles in length, width and height. And we will live in peace for the rest of eternity.”

It is incredibly strange. It’s not going to stop me from believing in God and Christianity, but hey, it’s certainly interesting.



Note: This post is mainly for Christians, but some non-Christians can take a peek, too. Just a warning, you may be a little bit confused by what you read.

In recent times, I have become a bit annoyed by the whole “love the sinner hate the sin” concept. This may be shocking for some people. And yes, I am a Christian. I was bathed in the blood of Christ and forever forgiven from my sins because I put my trust in Him. How then can I say “love the sinner hate the sin” is flawed?

So let me explain.

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Late Night Thoughts

This one is mainly for Christians, but if the rest of you all want to join in you can. What has happened to the great Christian hymns recently? Did they just stop existing? Why aren’t we singing them anymore? Honestly, some of the newer songs are just straight up self-centered. We need to return to the days when worship songs were to worship Christ, not tell Him how incredible our faith is. Seriously, isn’t that what worshipping is about? 

Traditional hymns are awesome and deserve some better respect. You can feel the writer’s soul being poured out with every word. Some of these guys were in such dark places. The words are so heartfelt because of that, so it’s easier for me to be passionate about a traditional hymn. 

They are not just old. They are timeless.

Gabriel Penn, out.

An Incredibly Long Rant on AMERICA.

Before I post this, I want you all to know: I am, in fact, a Christian. I am, in fact, an American independent with a lot of conservative tendencies. But this is from the two Facebook posts that made almost everyone who knows me back home think I’m a communist:

“I don’t really care that much about the Constitution.

Now there are some great things in that document, for sure. But my ultimate thoughts on the matter is that it still a document created by a group of fallen people, and it’s not perfect. There’s a reason we have amendments… because things needed to be changed. It had flaws.

Basically, if it’s not the Bible, I don’t really care.

So if you all want to just cling to an old document for no other reason than that it’s been around for hundreds of years, go ahead. But if there’s something that’s going to make people’s lives better, and it’s unconstitutional, you can bet for sure that I will ignore the Constitution and go for that thing.

So while the rest of you go around treating Washington and Jefferson and Capitalism itself like gods, I’m paying far more attention to the One True God. And maybe it’s time we diverted from the way we’ve been doing things for a while.

Do I think that all of Bernie Sander’s ideas are going to work? No. But can’t Conservatives at least try to help make a better world than we have now? Couldn’t we do something about an insane wealth distribution system instead of just blaming capitalism? (Don’t lie, you all know it is crazy flawed.)

Couldn’t we make a different monetary system that works better? Paper money is, in fact, our own creation. We treat the American money system like it’s a natural law installed by God. It’s man-made, and because of that it can be torn down and remade. Capitalism is not your savior. So let’s try and make something that’s better. Just my opinion.

Yes, Jesus said that the poor will always be with us. But how about we make it so there’s, I don’t know… less? I mean, the hungry are probably always going to be with us too, and we don’t ignore those who are starving. At least those in Africa, it seems.

Now I’m not against rich people. Some are rich, some are poor, and that’s just how it is. As long as the world has some sort of trading system, some will have less and others will have more. That’s not the issue here.

What IS the issue is that not helping those who have less is a direct violation of the commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself”. Some people are simply unable to get higher in the corporate ladder, contrary to what the American dream may tell you. But to know that so many people are unable to meet their basic needs daily, and knowing that we can do something and just don’t care enough to do it, that makes me a little sick on the inside.

We could make this just a Christian issue, but I don’t see it as that. This is a human issue. This is a moral issue. And it is a government issue just as much as a moral issue.

Government as a whole is supposed to watch over and care for its people. (1 Timothy 2:1-2 and Psalm 72:1-4 for reference.) It sounds a bit creepy at first, but that is what God instituted it as. That can take a lot of forms, but it’s the general gist for every government. And as I see it, if it’s not doing its best to help out those who need it, just as any moral human being ought, then the government isn’t doing its job either.

So maybe I’m just expecting too much of people. But to me, it just seems like common sense to make sure there are fewer people who can barely fend for themselves if they truly cannot. That’s why I’m not necessarily for income equality, but at least less of a drastic curve in the economic structure.

And I’m actually for at least some form of gun control. Maybe not a total form of it, but I am for some way of making sure they don’t get into the wrong hands. I’m not saying we should keep the public from having them. But, do we have people go through a mental check-up before purchasing a gun or getting a weapons license, just to make sure they don’t have violent tendencies? If we don’t, we should. It may not keep all the criminals off the streets, but it’ll do something for sure.

And yes, I know that not all mentally ill people are violent and plan to commit mass murder. In fact, most often they are the VICTIMS of gun violence and NOT the perpetrators. I’m just saying we should keep the people that do plan such awful things from acquiring something that can help them out.

And what is this I hear about people actually wanting the general public to legally have AK-47s? Let’s be realistic, what possible use could you have for an AK-47? Those things are meant for guerilla warfare, not domestic attackers. There’s rarely more than one person doing the mass murdering. If you want to stop a mass murderer, get a rifle, not an AK-47. Just have good aim. You don’t even have to kill them, just shoot them in the thigh. You don’t have to go full-out Rambo. Good heavens, people.”

Maybe I’m not totally in the direction I need to be. But I think I’m coming closer and closer to that point. 

Overtly Spiritual Thoughts

I know this is mainly a writing blog, but I want to discuss something that annoys the crap out of me. If you have an intense hate of anything Christian, make the mature decision to not troll the post and just keep scrolling. Thank you.

I want to discuss this Christian generation’s unnecessarily obnoxious attempt at making spiritual revival on a worldwide scale. 

Now don’t get me wrong. Spiritual revival is always cool, but it seems like most pastors are doing it just because they’re impatient. They say things like, “this is going to be the generation in which WE bring the next revival”. We are not bringing anything, folks.

I hate to break it to you, church, but we do not have any control of how fast the gospel circulates. Do you want to know the truth about how a revival could happen in this generation? One of two things:

  1. God decides to do it,
  2. People actually listen to what He’s telling them.

Now, just because you decide to be smart and do the second, that does not mean He’s going to bring revival. Sorry, you can literally do all you like for the sake of the gospel, but it’s not necessarily going to start bathing the world in a golden light.

Now here’s what I think is actually happening. People in third-world countries are unused to being able to do the right thing and being criticized in any way for it. So they’re just praying for revival to come so that they can stay sitting up in their private jets with their comfy pillows and not be concerned about being jailed for their faith.

I know a person who decided we were coming up the end of days because gay marriage was legalized in the United States. Goodness gracious. It’s not like this has been a thing for nearly every other country for quite some time.


So I am not concerned. I don’t even think we’re close to the point where Christianity will be illegal in every country. Even with the Oregon shooting, I don’t think we’re anywhere close to worldwide persecution. And if we are, I am still not concerned. As long as the church of God continues to preach the gospel to the world, we are quite all right. 

We may get persecuted, sure. We may get our heads blown off for our faith. Those who stand to their beliefs  will continue to be tortured in many countries. Is it awful? Yes. Should we do our best to prevent it without denying Christ? Yes. But in light of Heaven, is it really that bad of a thing to be martyred?

So calm yourselves. 

Put your sign down, Simpson.


Yes, you, Homer. It’s probably not even true.

Be patient. 

Live each day like your last.

And keep on doing the right thing, in spite of what the world says. 

Rant complete.

Faith Fridays: Regarding Modern Revelations

Faith Fridays: Regarding Modern Revelations

Faith Fridays

I’m back, and I’m here with an especially controversial topic. But I don’t think it should be causing quite as much controversy as it does. We know that God revealed certain divine things to people back in Biblical times. If He didn’t, we wouldn’t have the Bible. It is also noted that prophecy is one of the spiritual gifts. But past this point, it gets a little muddy. The question is this: does…

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