Short Story Saturday: The Other Side Pt. 1

Alright, so this isn’t the real first part. This is the raw, unedited concept version. But to get the idea, I suggest you still give it a read-through. It’s also my first science fiction piece, so some fantasy may leak in here or there. And it’s only three pages. Let me know what you think!

So… shall we begin?

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Short Story Saturday Goes Sci-Fi

So I’ve finally had a good enough short story that I’ve decided to bring Short Story Saturday back. It’s going to be in pieces, but the short story is my first full-fledged science fiction piece. It will deal with alien races, worm holes and the tesseract theory.

(There is one other theory that is played at in this one, but if I told you which theory that is, that would be spoiling this story.)

I’m fairly excited to bring you guys this one. The Other Side: Part One arrives Saturday morning!

Space Pirates!!

I’m finally joining a contest early! Please check out the first chapter of my new SciFi short story “Black Metal Skies” on Inkitt! It’s got space pirates, spaceship battles, alien races, gods and laser guns. All the good stuff! And if you’re already on Inkitt, be sure to vote for it for the Reinvent Reality contest!