Noggards are most similar to serpents, except for their proportionately short, stubby legs. However, they are not the typical size of a serpent, not even for Vaelan standards. Their adult form can sometimes grow to a length of about 12 meters. If these same adults lift their head, it will be over 3 meters tall. Noggard queens are said to be even longer, occasionally growing up to almost 20 meters.

They have something of a covering like scales. However, the tips are sharp at the end. They can sometimes become long enough to make tracks from their belly as they walk. 

Although noggards are wingless, they still seem to have the ability to fly. How this is done, nobody is quite sure. They seem to slither through the sky the way a serpent would slither on the ground. However they are doing it, it works for them. Still, it would be a slightly nauseating ride for any who might attempt it.

As if wingless flight was not enough of a feat, the noggard also has the ability to change their scale-like covering at will to become reflective. This causes them to be far harder to spot. Their eyes, although typically a neon orange, also have this trait.

Being masters of camouflage, noggards begin blending into their environment from birth. A noggard residing in the forest areas may begin to grow moss on their outsides. A noggard residing in the higher mountains will take on a black and grey look.

Being large animals, they are almost always eating. Their very existence is a constant battle between gaining nourishment and avoiding detection. Being that they need large meat sources, this proves tiring, especially as they get along in age. Even their powerful jaws, rows of sharp teeth and sharp claws cannot save them for forever. A noggard without a family will assuredly die within a few years.

When a noggard is born, it is typically laid a little while outside the main family residence. The father and mother will watch over it from a distance, making sure that it learns how to fend for itself. Only in rare circumstances will a noggard’s parents intervene on this right of passage. After they have passed a certain age, the noggard will go to live with the rest of the family inside of a mountain.

Inside of the mountain will typically exist multiple generations of a noggard family. They have their own intricate tunnel system and small cave-like homes inside the mountain. This system includes extra rooms that house no family but are used for other means, like dining and incubating and even a school center. Yes, noggards do communicate. In fact, they are quite excellent at it amongst themselves, with their own unique language and complex grammar.

At the very bottom of this mountain is the giant noggard queen. She is typically a great-great-grandmother, having given birth to the entire family and always welcome to make more. She oversees the mountain, settles disputes, and directs messages to other noggard households.

So if you see a hole atop a mountain, there are two possibilities. It is either a volcano or a noggard home. Neither option is particularly exciting. Noggards aren’t particularly excited about intruders. 

A grand meeting is the culmination of representatives from all the available noggard families in a certain region. They often are the product of a serious threat to either the noggards or to the area in general. The Mother Queen leads the meeting. She is something akin to royalty among noggards. She is not just a great-great-grandmother. She is the mother of all the families in that region.

A Mother Queen can be hundreds of years old. One Mother Queen was said to be almost 25 meters long and nearly five hundred years in age. Of course, that is just speculation.

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