So get your tea, coffee and some delicious food, because I’d like you to read this all the way through, even if you don’t like some of the things I have to say. I’d like to start this out with a little less personal statement:

In 2016, Let us make the decision to not pin the actions of a few on the whole. 

I say that, thinking of the Islamic person who has neighbors that are scared of them because they’re bombarded with the news of Daesh through the radio and television. And now their neighbors are worried if they’re going to get bombed next.

I say that thinking of the Christian who would never slander anyone because of their religion but who is surrounded by people that immediately think of Westboro when they hear the word “Christian”.

I say that thinking of the black kid who goes to a school where all the local white people seem to think that all black people have poor grades, sell drugs and are involved in a gang. And honestly, that kid might not be surprised if it happened either.

I say that thinking of the white kid who gets avoided by anyone who isn’t because people associate white skin with racism and greed.

I say that thinking of the immigrant whom almost half a nation seems to think is off to go killing, raping and stealing jobs.

I say that for that person who is 100% straight and okay with that, but the vast majority seems to think is automatically homophobic.

I say that for the person who is 100% gay and okay with that, and is automatically expected to hate all straight people and all religion.

And I’m not going to deny the things that people in the past have done. I’m certainly not going to deny that Daesh exists and has Islamic people in it. I’m not going to deny that Westboro exists and has Christian people in it. I’m not going to deny that there are black people who sell drugs and participate in gang violence. (There are also white people who do the same, and the percentage is pretty close.) I’m not going to deny that there are white people who have been racist to the point of violence and slavery for hundreds of years and greedy as all get-out for just as long. I’m not saying there are not homophobic straight people and I’m not saying there are not gay people who hate straight people and religion.

But a caution:

That Muslim person you know? Probably not a Daesh member.
That Christian person you know? Probably not a Westboro member.
That black kid? Not necessarily going to live up to crappy expectations.
That white kid? Not necessarily racist, prejudiced or greedy.
That straight dude? Maybe not homophobic.
That gay dude? Maybe not hateful of straight people or religion.

It’s very easy for me to say this about the people who get the hate the most, but not so much for those who aren’t. I imagine it’s very easy for a black person to hate white people, because in the past white skinned people have done tons of horrible, awful things, and they have almost certainly seen some of it firsthand. I imagine it’s very easy for an Islamic person to hate Christians because of what atrocities they might have done to them and have certainly done to their people in the past. But please make the choice to not judge someone you don’t know, even if they do it to you.

I have a firm belief that nobody should be judged by something they cannot do anything about or by the belief system they are a part of. That applies to the gays and blacks and Muslims, but it also applies to the straights and whites and Christians. A white person doesn’t deserve to hate their skin any more than a black person does. A straight person doesn’t deserve to hate their sexuality any more than a gay person does. A Christian doesn’t deserve to hate their religion any more than a Muslim does. And how much do any of these people deserve it? Not at all. Not a smidgen.

It’s about time that we judged a person based on who they are and they alone.

And no, I have not been criticized for these things personally… not yet at least. But I’ve seen people who have. I’ve even watched people who beg not to be criticized for something they can’t control and turn around and rip someone apart who’s in the same situation.

So now I have to close this very raw and long rant off. I would end it by saying not only to not judge a person by their skin, but to love the people who it is VERY hard to love. I know it’s hard. It’s so very, very hard. But love is often hard. Yes, I’m going full Jesus right here on Tumblr. In the words of an incredible man of God that I greatly admire:

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.
Through violence you may murder the liar,
but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.
Through violence you may murder the hater,
but you do not murder hate.
In fact, violence merely increases hate.
So it goes.
Returning violence for violence multiplies violence,
adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.


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