My fantasy novel, The Forbidden Land of Andara is available for pre-order as of today!

The official publication date of the eBook and paperback is October 15th, so this is the start of the 10 day release blast! 🙂 I will be sharing a new quote from the book every day for these 10 days while you can get the eBook for the special pre-order price of $0.99.

If you read my blog often, you know that my mind was not always a happy and peaceful place. I wanted my head to create beautiful, wondrous thoughts, not horribly dark ones. I admired fantasy writers, because they saw what I couldn’t: magical worlds.

My mind changed during the two years I wrote the novel. In a lot of ways, this story shows my own journey as well. My intention while writing this book was that whoever read it would see with eyes of wonder for a short time.

I hope that if you decide to read The Forbidden Land of Andara, it will uplift your spirits, and your eyes will see magic, wonder and light. Not just on the pages of the book, but around you as well.

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Pre-order on Amazon


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