Why YOU Should Follow

Why I think you’re all going to love the Dark Veil Saga by the very first book:

 – an antagonist who isn’t aware he’s the villain, and might not be,

 – local plot, because teenager-saves-the-world is getting obnoxious,

 – non-white and mentally ill protagonist,

 – lots of original fantasy creatures,

 – giant freaking swords, because some tropes ARE worth keeping,

 – no glorifying of war/death,

 – unusual and original magic system,

 – mix of Steampunk and Viking culture,

 – near equal antagonist/protagonist point-of-view,

 – and faeries are actually cool.

I’m sure I’ll think of more as time goes on, but that’s just for starters. This book was basically made to break what annoyed me about the entire fantasy genre. But you’ll hear more about it if you follow me on Tumblr or give us a like on Facebook. The first book, Dark Soldier, is planned for release in early 2016. 

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